Wednesday, March 23, 2016

While on vacation....

So, we went to the southwest on vacation, and the grand Canyon is indeed a wonderful sight to behold.  I think the word "awesome" must have been uttered first by someone standing near it, as it is really the only word to describe it.  

However, there was inspiration in the more simple things along the way as well. 

 This bench is in "Standin' on the Corner Park" in Winslow, AZ.  I just loved the design the sun made below!

 The noise barrier fence along the freeway somewhere near Phoenix has these little squares all along the edge. 

It looks like a series of modern quilts!

The colors in Petrified Forest National Park are pretty cool!

From the colors in the petrified wood--

 -to the beauty of the "blue mesa"! (which looked more purple to me)

I had seen this picture before we visited the VLA in New Mexico, in fact it inspired me to turn this little mosaic into a galaxy.

I also did some knitting along the road- when my face wasn't pressed up against the window.
 I finished knitting this "wingspan" shawl, using a silk sock yarn. It's lightweight and very soft!
I made one of these before, using a  yarn with more gradual color changes, so each wedge was almost a different color.  I may add beads along the edge of this, or maybe just at the points. 

I take my water bottle with me everywhere and refill it.  There were many "Hydration stations" as we traveled- even in some of the airports!  I was also very gratified to see so many recycling bins available as we traveled.  Still, many people tossed recyclables into the trash.  And the amount of garbage I created due to the fact that most hotels only offer disposable dishes in their rooms and breakfast bars made me very sad.  Sad.
We have to find a way to change the mindsets of the people on this planet!  Those of us who give a damn must make our voices heard and demand sustainable options.  (That being said, I did not make an issue of it at the hotels.  The desk clerk and breakfast chef have no say in the matter, after all.  I'll have to write a letter to the corporate office to be heard.)

I am grateful for:
The beauty of our world.
My hubby, who puts up with traveling with me.
Time visiting friends along the way.
Getting over my airplane anxiety!
Coming home again. (there's no place like it)

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