Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Running fast, but getting nowhere

Since we got back from our vacation, I haven't had much free time.  I went back to work the next day, and didn't feel like I was back in my own time/ dimension/ life until the following weekend- which was Easter. 
It was gorgeous- near 70 degrees!- on Easter Sunday and I spent several wonderful hours in the gardens; cleaning up and even transplanted a couple of errant Hollyhocks.  I'm guessing they did not enjoy the snow we got this weekend.

Then softball season started.  I have to go to as many of the games as I can, since this is Amy's last season.  

Which brings me to the weekend just past.  I spent Saturday having a "girls' day" out shopping with Kiara.  We went to the mall food court for lunch. ("junk food" and "grandmother" goes together, you know!)  Her other favorite part of the mall is the little playground.

 On Sunday, I spent the day with Jonathan.  Yup, he's starting to walk!  And he is awesome!  I can't imagine a better way to spend the day than watching him explore and playing with him- and especially singing him to sleep at nap time!

All of this is not to say I have had no creative time.  I colored a page from my brand new Jane Sassaman coloring book!

And I finished the first of what could become many "Opulent Ornaments." Paula Nadelstern shared these with us last October.  I used one of the fabrics I didn't use in class for this.  The motifs are a bit small for the ball.  It looks nice, but I'm working on another one with a smaller ball.  Stay tuned.

I thought daylight would make them sparkle, but it washed the beads out.  
Below is the same ball on the candle holder where it will live- for now.

This one will be after the smaller blue one.  This is an older Amy Butler fabric design called Lotus.
The beads I plan to use are soft yellow and gold.  I'm finding sequins in interesting colors harder to locate. 

 Earth Day is quickly approaching. This year, we should plant trees.  I saved some pine cones last fall, and the seeds are now ready to plant.  I'll start them in pots so I can keep an eye on them.  Last year, I potted baby trees I found in the yard and gardens, with the hope of planting more trees along the side of the road out front. (hoping the roadside destruction crew will leave them be, of course).   Don't want to plant a tree?  Find other ways to get involved!  There are a LOT of events scheduled!

I am grateful for:
The fairy frost along the sides of the road this morning.  (which I'd never have enjoyed without the very cold weather last night)
Being so close to the grands!
America for writing my "magic" song.
At least we have "Fear the Walking Dead" to help us with the withdrawal.
The girls who came by at lunchtime and gave me M&M's.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog post! Your ornament looks great!