Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter is the time for creating!

This part of winter doesn't bother me at all.  Let the wintry winds blow -which they have been lately!- as long as I'm home with my creating stuff, I'm never bored, or worried about being housebound.  (Of course with the winter we're having in western NY that isn't a problem so far!)

 This happens a lot these days.  I sit down to do something and suddenly there is a cat on my lap! I had to boot her off, because I can't type with the keyboard tray pushed in!  Note, I bring my other gadgets with me to the computer!

So, anyway, I'm keeping busy in my creative spaces the last few weeks, when I'm home.  I can't show the most recent quilt projects yet, because they are for the challenge to be revealed at the guild meeting on Saturday.  But here is a preview, just to tease the few who might see this before the meeting.

I finished another ornament.  My space for them is getting full, so I may take a break for a while when I finish the ones I have started.  People keep suggesting I sell them.  Here's a question- what would you pay for one??  The one pictured here is on a 6 inch  ball.  It used a box and a half of the pins (750 each), and that many beads and sequins!

 Here is my current collection.

I also finished a pair of socks I started in September or October.  I used two different yarns with subtle color changes. The odd green one was a leftover from a pair of socks.  I'm hoping a friend will like them, since she was in my mind as I knitted. 

It's a scary time in the world right now.  I think there is a collective holding of breath- and not just by Americans.  I think many lawmakers, emboldened by the potential for support from above, are trying to get legislation like this passed now.  We must be more vigilant than ever.  Keep your eyes open, and your voice always at the ready to be heard!  And stand ready to support the causes you believe in with yor money and your time!  Now, more than ever, we the people must stand strong!!

I am grateful for:
The caring professionals who got me through a recent emergency.
A wonderful evening spent with my grandchildren!
Creative time!
The Cowboys lost. 
Laughing with my husband.

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