Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'm really enjoying this deconstructing thing!

Remember this quilt I made for the "Architecture" challenge?  I was terribly so disappointed with how it came out.  When I got it home after the challenge I folded it up and hid it away.  I ran across it months later, and decided to use it as a table runner.  But then I had to look at it and remember how it was supposed to look, but didn't.  (You can read the blog post I did about it here)
 So, it needed to go.

Meanwhile I had been trying to decide what fabrics to use for a new purse, using a pattern my friend Anne used for a bag I absolutely loved.  (It's not a commercial pattern. Her friend designed it)  I did some measuring and figuring and decided I could use the quilt for the purse, making it just a bit smaller.  

   It's sort of a bag within a bag.  I am thrilled with it, because the part of the original quilt I hated the most is inside the part I liked!  I used the binding from the quilt to bind the tops of  the bag, and had enough of the same fabric to use as the handles and lining of the bag. 
Look at all those pockets!

So, one of my least favorite quilts is now going to be one of the best purses I have ever owned!

I should look back through the pile of unloved quilts in my collection for more opportunities to turn "trash" into treasure!  I could have a whole new career!

I decided to share some good news environmentally speaking.  They are doing this kind of project in many places due to public demand for it.  We can make a difference when we join our voices together!

I am grateful for:
A wonderful day with Jonathan
Wine o'clock on a really bad day.
The perfect day for a bowl of Irish Stew at O'Lacy's (sorry if this won't work for those not on facebook)
Cold weather means I can bundle up under my pile of quilts in bed. (too soon I'll have to give it up)
A perfectly timed gift from a friend

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  1. Love the bag! Great use of a previously unloved project.