Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Architecture challenge revealed

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about the Museum Quilt Guild's "architecture" challenge.  We presented them last week at the guild meeting, so now I can share what I ended up doing for this one.
I mentioned the "Tentmakers of Cairo" book, and that was the first thing I did.  I called it my "plan B" quilt, since it was sort of a quickie and I knew I could get it done. But I did it first.

This is what you get for a pattern, and getting it the right size took several tries.  They closed the staples near me, so I no longer have a place to easily enlarge things.  Fortunately, Mary Lee taught me how she uses publisher to print things to a certain size. 

 It is meant to be hand appliquéd.  But of course I didn't have that much time.  (Plus my hand appliqué skills stink now that I am out of practice)

So out came the wonder under.  I needed two widths of it to make the pattern, and I used the no thread in the needle machine technique to mark it.

I think the tiny holes in the wonder under are the reason I ended up with such rough edges on the appliqué.  I've never had one fray so badly before. 

And here is the finished piece.  I may go back and add more quilting when I get it back.  It is only outlined right now.

So, with about two weeks until the deadline, I started drafting a much simplified version of the outlined area of this picture of the ceiling of the lobby in Guardian Building in Detroit.

I made every mistake a person can make when drafting and figuring how much fabric.  Trying not to buy anything for it resulted in two trips to the fabric store- because I underestimated.  So when it came time to name this piece I called it "A Tribute to the Guardian Building (and Murphy's Law)"

It's 19 x 54 inches, intended to hang lengthwise.  But don't ask me where I'll hang it.  It is not my best work, sadly.

I've already decided if I haven't started by Thanksgiving this year, I'm not doing the challenge.

While I was sewing the binding on, a small miracle occurred. This is the first time these two cats have come anywhere near to cuddling with each other.   Yes, I have to squish over to make room for them both in my chair, but I was happy to see them so close!George seemed so lonely before Marigold joined the family, I thought she'd be happy to have a buddy, but that hasn't happened. Yet

I got back to my coloring calendar and finished the April page. 

I got a kick out of this story last week at  It just goes to show you don't have to be a big name to make a stand, or make yourself heard.  You go, Knitting Nannas!!!

I am grateful for:
The remote starter on my car.
My rice bag keeping my feet warm.
A nice lunch with friends.
The playoffs have been pretty exciting this year.
A break from fostering.


  1. Oops..make that plural...quilts...I need to proofread my comments...especially at midnight! Love them both!