Friday, August 18, 2017

No sewing time to speak of!

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted!  My new schedule is kind of kicking my butt so far.  I'm enjoying the new job, as I am rarely bored at work anymore, and the days don't drag at all. But I get home and read my email, the newspaper, take care of the kittens, and next thing I know it's bed time.

The kittens I have right now are bigger than most I foster, but they are very scared little kitties.  So I am working to socialize them.  That requires quite a bit of time, since the goal is to get them to come over for pets and cuddles even when I don't have the food in my hand.


They're making progress, but  still look at me like this some times- especially since they had never seen a camera before!

And sometimes hiding in the litter pan makes them feel safe.  Poor kitties!

I did finish this quilt last month, so I am still finishing one a month for the year!!  I didn't have a pattern for this, just a picture from somewhere.  I didn't have much big enough for binding, so used a stripe on the bias, which I think looks great almost any time I do it.

I did a simple swirly stars faux pantograph- going back to my early free motion quilting days.  It's not for show anyway, so the child who gets it won't care.  The backing is a soft, kitty flannel !!

 And of course, there's these two who I am delighted to spend any time I can with!  Jon is too busy to sit still for a picture, unfortunately. 

Plus I spend time in the gardens as often as I can, even though this time of year most things are done blooming, and it's all just maintenance.  Plus, somehow all of my check-ups and such come at once.  I had one two weeks ago, the cat has one today, then I have one next week and another the week after.  Does this happen to you???

I am grateful for:
The many people resisting!
My new boss and new job.
The days I do get to sew a bit.
A nice day with friends last week!
Good sleep- when it comes.

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