Monday, December 4, 2017

I might finally be adapting!

After just over 4 months in the new job, with the new schedule, I might just be getting into a groove of sorts.  I still forget that my first day of work for the week is Monday, and my weekends are still evaporating (However, that might have nothing to do with the schedule change.) So I might be able to squeeze blogging back into my day here and there again.  (my vast audience will no doubt be thrilled)

This past weekend, I spent a great deal of time on the holiday decorations.  I don't know why I still do it; no one comes over for dinner or parties.  But I have boxes of stuff I like looking at for a  while every year, so I do it.

I put a tree up mostly so it would decorate the door.  It made adding ornaments easy, since I only had to fill one side of the tree!  This year it is decorated with a collection of ornaments that look like children's toys.  My brother gave them to me when I was first married.  They make the inner 6 year old smile.

 The mantle always has the "opulent ornaments" on it, but this time of year, I add the ones that looks more Christmasy.  (Spell check doesn't like that word!)

The newest ones are two I had every intention of finishing last year, then ran out of time. 

   The medallions are a subtle silver metallic and soft gold design on cream fabric.  I used mostly silver beads and sequins on the, with gold accents. 
It's very  hard to get a picture that does them justice since you need to see them sparkle

I have had some issues with my sewing machine over the past few months, so I finally took it in for service last week (and that is another story, sadly.  I'll share it when I know how it ends).  The problems I've had had kind of taken the joy out of sewing.  So, even when I have a bit of time, I procrastinate.  

Yesterday I needed to quiet my mind for a bit, so I got out the random scraps bin and did some "therapy sewing" (Rayna Gillman's term)                                                                                              After a session, I end up with bits of patchwork like this. The fact that these almost coordinate is because I had a pile of strips and small pieces that apparently went together on top of the bin!                                
I have a few piles of these bits from other  therapy sewing sessions.  Someday there might be a quilt or two.
My other grand accomplishment for the weekend is making a no sew gift bag from the book below. (the blog isn't letting me move things today and I don't feel like fiddling with it)  It's not a hard process, although it can be time consuming if you're only doing one at a time.  Now that I've done one, maybe I'll get a few started.  It uses rather a lot of fabric, since the inside of the bag folds down to be the cuff.  I decided last year I'd try to make some fabric bags to avoid having to buy new ones or wrapping paper every year.

So we're back to needing to call write and protest over things like drilling in the ANWR and giving all of my money to the wealthiest Americans.  I feel a little sick and pretty hopeless again.  Keep shouting, making noise, contributing to the causes you support, sending letters and postcards.  Our voices MUST be heard!!

I am grateful for:
Little bits of creative time
As always, play time with the grands.
A really good night's sleep.
A boss who understands that some days I'll be reading the news (or shopping) at work.

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