Monday, October 29, 2018

A Baggy Weekend

On my last weekend before going back to work, I decided I deserved a brand new bag.    I got the pattern back in April or may when Ruth Ann Stillwell visited the guild.   Her bags were all so pretty and well made, I couldn't resist trying one.  This one is called the Tidal Wave.  (all of her bags have that wave design)  I found this awesome fabric in Denver Pa, on retreat with my online guild.  The line is called "Cat-I-Tude"- perfect, right? 
It's a great bag- nice and roomy, with several pockets.  The outer bag is reversible.  I didn't take a picture of the other side.  Sorry..  I used a cat panel from the same line instead of the flower on the pattern.  I rarely follow patterns exactly as written, and this is no exception.  First- I don't do zippers on my bags.  I never use them, so why bother?  If I do it again I will skip the swivels on the handles.  Once you adjust the straps to the proper length there's no reason to need adjustment.  I already left that part off, so the swivels were unnecessary- and I don't particularly like them.

title: "it's in here somewhere"
The second bag I made is the small kind I consider to be my purse, since that's all I carry when I am shopping.  This bag is a remake from a half a bag I had made on this quilt. This was the brown bag challenge I mentioned in my last post.  When I took it apart, I saved the purse part because it was so pretty.  I wished it was a real purse. So when I ran across it again, I thought, why not?

I had a pretty piece of fabric that went very well with it, so I went to work.  It's not quite as nice as the pretend purse, but I like it and it allows me to use the pieces as opposed to the quilt sitting in a closet until finally, at some future date, my kids toss it. 

I went to the Morningstar Guild (East Aurora, NY)show last Friday.  It was a nice show, but the highlight for me was one of the vendors, called A Kid'll Eat Ivy Designs. She doesn't have a website, or sell online, sadly ( or happily since I'd be in trouble). Aren't these buttons wonderful?  I had thought one would look good on my bag, but the fabric is too busy.  So I think I'll wear it as a pin. (the one on the green card)  I hope next time I see her, she has more jewelry, which she has just started doing. 

I'm giving up fostering kittens.  It was time.  Between the amount of time they consume and the damage they had done in my guest bathroom, I was ready to stop.  So now I am using the time I would have spent on kittens every evening as my daily sewing time.  (today I'm writing this ).  Some days it might only be a few minutes, others an hour or so.  But I will HAVE sewing/ creative time  every day!  That's something I've really missed the last few years. 

I went back to work today.  It was nice to see smiles on even some pretty dour faces and hear the welcome backs.  My boss gave me flowers and I got lots of happy hugs.  Too bad every day at work can't be that way, right?

I am grateful for:
A day with my BFF
Back to my "real life"
Leftovers in the fridge
The flax seed bag my friend Judi gave me that keeps my feet nice and warm
Apple crisp

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