Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A New Beginning

I'm back!  Did anyone notice I was gone?  :-)

The last few months have whizzed by, as I found myself caught up in a sort of medical tornado.
When last I posted, I joked about being between doctor's appointments.  What I didn't say was that many of them had been a progression of testing that turned out to be a diagnosis of endometrial cancer.  It all happened very quickly- from first visit to my regular doctor, to tests, more tests and surgery was 7 weeks. 
First, I want to tell any who read this and don't already know that it was small and very early and all removed in surgery, so I don't need more treatment.
Second, I want everyone to remember that if something seems abnormal to you about your own body- don't wait!  Go to the doctor!  Better to be seen as a hypochondriac than to ignore something that could be serious!
So, on September 12, I had a hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.  In English that means they took all the lady parts I was pretty much done with anyway. (this description should not be used with other women suffering the same issue- some will not find it amusing!) I have spent the last few weeks in varying stages of recovery, and will be heading back to work soon.  My husband was attentive; a very good caregiver, as one would expect.  He waited on me hand and foot as much as I would let him.  After the first few days, when I started to feel like I could probably manage to get my own lunch, I asked him when he planned to go back to work.  He said when he felt it was time.   I think he realized it was time the day I went to the sewing room for the first time- about 10 days post-op. 

The first thing on my to do list is a quilt for the new grandson, who we  should get to meet right around the first of the year.  I had something else started, but when I saw this pattern at a shop a while back, I changed my plans.   The original has an owl, which I dodn't care for, so I substituted the bunny.  This is just the top.  The babies will all get outline stitched when I quilt, so bunny's tummy will show better. 
  After I got the top made, I started looking around at all the piles of projects in my studio and decided to sort, clean up and organize a bit.  I found a few small projects that could be finished quickly, so did those. 

First, I had cut apart the "Brown bag" challenge quilt I made years
ago because I knew I would never hang it in my house, and I couldn't think of anyone who would want it.  I kept select pieces (like the hand!), which I thought would be usable for other things. 

The background bits have become:

"Catzilla"- from the book "Plush-o-rama"

I used metal bits for his features, so he's kind of Steampunk, I think.  He'll probably come to work with me.

I had been in need of a new thread catcher for when I'm at retreat or taking classes, so I used the rest of the bits for that.  No pattern, just made a sort of bag, then attached it to a pocket.  There's a ceramic tile in the pocket.  Not fancy, but functional!

I found some orphan blocks from the raffle quilt I designed quite a few years ago now sitting with a small pile of fabrics.  So they became this runner or door quilt.  (I haven't decided which yet)

The patchwork center of these placemats are made of scrap therapy squares.  I use the 2 inch ones as my leaders and enders when I'm sewing other things.  Eventually I have enough pieces for whole quilts!  Anyway, I had made all the 4 patches, so the rest went quickly.  This is the third set of these I have made and, I am happy to say, the last as the teacup fabric is now all gone.  We use these at home every day.

So I feel like I'm starting over after a sort of hiatus.  I have plenty of projects to keep me busy and I have made myself a promise to make sewing time a priority from now on.  I am happier when I have time for creativity! 
I'm also starting over with a new attitude.  On those days when my back, knees, hips, wrist.. are aching, I will not whine and say I have to put up with this for 20 more years.  I will now remind myself I am lucky to have those years and remember that 20 years is not long at all!

I will also try to post more often, for whoever (other then the spammers0 is stopping by!

I am grateful for:
 My great good fortune to be (at this point) cancer free!
All the doctors and nurses (and secretaries and techs...) who have been caring for me!
All the friends who sent me cards, emails and kept me in their prayers.
My wonderful family.
Realizing what is truly important!

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