Monday, March 4, 2019

Still Winter

Winter isn't going to let us loose one second sooner than it has to this year by the look of things.  But being trapped inside works for me at the moment. If only every Wednesday, when I have to drive somewhere, the weather would stop being really crappy!

Week before last was the annual retreat with members of my quilt guild. 
 We spend three or four days with Silver Lake right across the street, and get to enjoy views like this!

Julie always brings a fun project for us all to play with, if we're so inclined.  Her work station is very popular because she makes the most wonderful things!!

This year, the favorite was these fun angels.  She provided the faces, pre-printed on fabric, along with a wealth of beads and yarns for embellishing!

This is mine before I painted some color on her cheeks and around her eyes.

Her wings were made from some kaleidoscopes Julie had printed on fabric and was generous enough to share.  Julie owns a business where she can print your image on fabric.  It's how I made my naughty tulip last year.

My goal for retreat this year was to get the top pieced for a wedding gift.  I can share it here because I'm fairly certain there's more than 6 degrees between me and the bride when it comes to our online presence. 

Kiara had been sick, so I went over to spend some time with her.  We tried weaving on cardboard. She seemed to enjoy it.  

And I have finally gotten to enjoy seeing Everett smiling and "talking" to me!  
 Oh, no!  I don't have a new picture of Jon to share.  The last two times I've been there he has kept me so busy being superheroes or robots that I don't get a chance to take pictures.  I love being his favorite playmate!

I finally finished these socks, which I thing I started in September last year!!  They are made from a Red Heart yarn, Boutique Unforgettable.  It's DK or worsted weight (?) acrylic.  Easy care but not easy for knitting because it splits and it's fuzzy so if you have to tear out, it grabs itself and gets stuck. I haven't worn them yet.  I hope they're warm.
I can't find it now, but I saw a post on Facebook earlier today that told about a kid who asked 50 people if they would sign his petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide.  He showed them a fact sheet similar to this.  Something like 43 of the 50 signed, six weren't sure.  One person knew that dihydrogen monoxide is water.  One!  This is how the world works now.  You show people something that sounds official and they just believe it without even bothering to check if it's true.  That's why it's so important to do your research, verify the facts and stay informed.  As the Washington Post has recently said, "Democracy dies in darkness".  Be the light!!

I am grateful for:
Being with my quilting buddies for a few days!
Getting up every morning, aches, pains and all.
My grandchildren!
A husband who doesn't mind leftovers.
Knowing the answers to the question.

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