Thursday, October 3, 2019

Waiting for October

I am SO ready for cooler weather, for weather that won't make me feel like I am obligated to be outside in the gardens trying to keep up so the weeds don't have the huge head start they did last spring.  (they will no matter what, unfortunately).  I have done so little sewing in the last 4 or 5 months and it has started to wear on me a bit.  I NEED to make stuff!!! So hopefully October will be the beginning of sewing season.

 The plants have been moved inside for the cold weather months.  I have fewer pots this year, but many of them are larger so I had to reconfigure how I arranged them.  Maybe having them in a large group like this will help them keep each other moist this winter in my very dry house. 
I finally picked the gourds from the garden.  I didn't plant them, they came up from the seeds of the ones I bought to decorate the Thanksgiving table last fall. Gourds are weird plants, apparently, because there are like six different kinds here, but I only tossed three different gourds out there.  I think.  I may try growing some on the trellis out front next year- or maybe near the deck instead of morning glories.  The flowers are very pretty and they bloom much sooner than morning glories do!

The kittens are growing up. It seems like I've had them longer than I have.  I have gotten very attached to them, of course.  They're the only kittens I've had this year, and they were pretty fragile when I got them, so I know I will cry when I have to give them up.

One has caught up to where he should be at this age and will be leaving me next week.  He's very sweet, and I know whoever adopts him will think he is the best cat they've ever had!  Jon sure loves him!!!

Did I mention the stitching I was doing for a demo at my art group meeting?  (Oh, shoot, I need to do the post on the ArtCGirlz blog from that, too!)
Anyway, it was inspired by Laura Wasilowski's "Joyful Stitching" book.  I had tried some stitching earlier in the year- on a project I can't show yet.  This piece was done with no design  other than a stem or two drawn on the fabric.  I enjoyed doing it and am pleased with the way it came out.  I haven't decided how to finish it yet.  I may stretch it on a canvas.  I've never done that before. 

This one is more like what I did earlier in the year; embellishing a pretty piece of fabric.  It's not a very successful piece because I matched the threads to the fabric.  I should have used  more vibrant colors.

I do like this section, though.  I may never do more on this piece, but I was thinking it could be an interesting background for something.  We'll see.

I got to spend some time in the studio last weekend.
OOPs- I wasn't able to edit these before I uploaded, so you'll have to turn your head.  

This is crater lake in Oregon.  I'm doing a rough cut landscape quilt- no planning, no pattern, just cut some fabric and make it work.  I kept thinking "I don't work this way!" while I was working.  I'll let you know how it comes out at some point.

I also got part of this panel quilted.  I bought it around 2 years ago, and forgot all about it until recently.  I wanted to get it finished for this October to hang in my "gallery"- the upstairs hallway. I cut the sections apart before I thought to take a picture, so i stuck these three on my wall.  The fourth one, the biggest one, I pinned around the metal bar I use in this spot, and hung it in the hall anyway.  If time allows this weekend, I'll take it down and finish the quilting. 

Meanwhile, it's getting colder outside and the beast is still in exactly the same spot it was the last time you saw it.  I'll finish it and use it, and maybe even admire how it looks on the bed, but I will always have a loathing for the damned thing, based on what an ordeal it has been to get it finished.  Too bad, because it's a very pretty quilt. 

I am grateful for:
The happy hug I got from the little girl who adopted a kitten at the shelter yesterday.
A wonderful weekend with the kids last week.
The kittens are healthy and nearly ready for their forever homes.
Cooler weather!!
At least one crooked politician had the integrity to admit his crimes and resign.

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