Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I keep posting here, because I feel like it makes me try to get things done, so I have things to show.  But I don't think anyone comes over here anymore- except the spammers, who try to leave comments.  And I suppose the people who try to piggyback on sites to look  legitimate?  (I read an article about it some time ago)

 So, it's been a month again since I posted.  I was waiting for October weather, which finally arrived.   The leaves changed slowly, then all at once, then they were gone.  I found this in the garden one sunny afternoon. Milkweed pods.
 I raked leaves into the garden to protect my tender perennials, then the wind blew.  I can hope enough leaves stuck around to make a difference. 

October was a very busy month for me- as you may have guessed if you've been sitting there waiting for a new post. :-)

 I was responsible for making sure things went smoothly when Linda M Poole visited the Museum Quilt Guild last month.  She was delightful!  We all enjoyed her class, and lecture at the guild.

Since I was with her so much, she and I we had a chance to bond a little bit- even getting silly during her lecture!

And I'm pleased to say that I- who told people I am not a painter-  did this as a result of the class.  I bought supplies to do more of it- when I have time.   The appliqué- the circle- needs a background.  I don't think the one in the picture will be the one I choose, now that I'm looking at it. 

I have spent lots of time with the grands, of course.

Jon and Kiara enjoyed going to the shelter with me on a day off from school.

And I took Kiara dress shopping for her first school dance.  Isn't she lovely?  Her aunt did her hair and makeup. 

I even had some one-on-one time with Everett.

And the big news here is I am now a (step) great-grandmother!  This is Maverick, born on what would have been my mom's 78th birthday.  I won't be part of his life, since they live in Colorado, but it was a nice connection!

There's one more new addition to our family.  Thanks to Jon telling Papa we had to keep her, I adopted one of my foster babies.
This is Enola.  Now I have two white cats.  I have also bought a few new lint brushes- it was either that or toss my wardrobe and wear only pastels.  Ugh

She has decided a quilt wadded up on the sewing table is a great place to sleep.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been enjoying an online drawing class, given by Johanna Basford.  I'm looking at these drawings and feeling pretty amazed that I did them.  I need a lot more practice, which will be easy since I am enjoying it so much!

I spent some time yesterday coloring this one.  I laughed about drawing my own coloring pages, because I have umpteen coloring books!

So, that's what's new.  I keep saying I need to limit the things I do since my time is so limited these days.  I just can't find things I want to give up.   sigh.

Please please please- pay attention, get the facts, SHARE the facts.  Don't keep quiet about all the things that are wrong in our world.  And learn to talk to people with whom  you may disagree.  We all need to find a way to work together.  Nothing is getting done, except the things being done for the wrong reasons by the greedy and evil people.  And make your voice heard- with your money, with your social media, with  your VOTE!

I am grateful for:
Staying inside to sew weather.
A happy kitty on my lap (at all times these days!)
Long chats with the kids who live far away.
A new skill that gives me great pleasure.
Hugs, always.


  1. Me!! Me!! **wildly waving my arms over here** I still read blogs! I still come by. Well, your blog comes to my blog reader that collects all the blog posts I subscribe to. So I'm not sure if you get a count that I was "here." Because actually you were "there" on my blog feed. But in any case I still read you. :D Ok, tell me more about your online drawing class. I'm looking for something like that for one of the twins. She loves art. Grands are so cute. Great-grandma?? No way. And congrats on the new cat. Keep writing. I'm around. **hug**

  2. I still read blogs, Martha. Yours along with some others and some of the others are ones that I found on your blog list.