Monday, December 16, 2019

Decisions to make

The beast is finished and on the bed!  (I hope no one judges the fact that the pillowcases don't match.  Hubby hogs the matching ones, so I get to pick out fun fabrics and make my own!)

The name on the label of this quilt is "Anna's Stars (AKA that F***ing quilt)"  Anna picked out the pattern, but the battle to finish it gave it a new name.  It's warm and not falling apart and it's finished.  That's all I care about.  

Now that that's finished, I hope to get some of the small projects I've started this year finished.  Of course there are always "Have-to-dos" on the list. The annual challenge is due in just over a month- and I haven't started! I am not stressing.  If I don't get one finished, life will go on.

But I did get a couple of them out recently to make some decisions.  The butterfly from the LInda M Poole class needs a background.  These are the finalists...

All are fabrics I painted years ago.  I'm leaning toward the last one.

Then there's my stitchery piece, which I've decided to mount on a slightly larger quilted background.  I'll finish the edge with the green ribbon yarn shown here.

It's kind of a toss up on these.  I like how the second one looks a lot like the background of the stitchery, but I also like the pops of color in the first one.

If anyone is reading, let me know what you think.  (Three people will answer- all with different opinions.  :-)
I wish wither of these would fit the challenge theme.  I don't have much in progress that I can finish quickly for that.

In other news, my kitties are starting to get along better.  George must be mellowing in her old (7 years) age, because she never allowed Marigold to sleep this close to her.  (I just noticed this picture looks like I'm scratching my boob)

Hopefully I'll have more to share soon.  I'm not doing much sewing these days.  Stupid Christmas is sucking up all my time.

I am grateful for:
Not having to cook some days.
Caring co-workers
Christmas cookies
the technology that allows me to share an experience with Guy!

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  1. Hi Mattie!
    I like the middle one up top and the bottom one from the second group. It looks like a big field. A little Oz like. They are all beautiful! ❤️