Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Quilts=Art=Quilts 2019

The week before Thanksgiving, Mary and I made out annual trek to The Schweinfurth art gallery in Auburn to see this art show.  I've been attending for many years, and the exhibit has changed a LOT in that time.  Some years I am inspired.  Others I leave wondering what the jurors and judges were looking for when they chose these quilt.  This was one of the latter, unfortunately.

The exhibit in the upstairs gallery was worth the drive, though!  It was called Narrative Quilts, by Ellen M Blalock of Syracuse, NY.  Most were based on a story from a member of her family.  Some were sweet, some were very sad.  Her work is exemplary, though, and I was glad I got to experience it in person.

The Angel Quilt (artist statement below)

The Dandelion Quilt
The seed puff on this one was super cool- it looked like netting that had been stitched on with silver thread, with threads hanging off of it making it textured and fluffy, like a real one!

 The Quilts=Art= Quilts exhibit was not worth the drive.  The award winners all made me say, "Really?"  And there were a couple that I asked, how is this even a quilt?  (I suppose I should have taken a picture of those just so I could see if my faithful readers agree.  Sorry)  One was layers of silk burned into different shapes, held together with very loosely knotted threads.  Is that a quilt?  One was something painted onwhat looked like a felt backing- again the layers were knotted together.  And- as always- several artists had two very similar pieces in the show.  I don't get that.  If they would limit them to one accepted per artist, they could have more pieces in the show.  Why choose two so similar I had to look twice when going through my pictures, thinking I had taken two pictures of the same piece.  So that's my review of the show.  I'm hopeful next year will be better.  It seems to go that way.
You can see a short video of the exhibit here

I didn't take many pictures, since there were very few I really liked. Each piece has the name of the artist on the artist statement beneath it. 
I liked the palette and the hand stitching on this one. 

I'm always happy to see Maria Shell's work in person!

Pictures do not do this one any justice!  

So this one has little milano cookies sticking up to create the texture and design.  It looked like the original quilt was larger, and cut up to make the cookies, which were then painted. 

The piecing!!!

Will I go next year?  Probably.  It's a nice day trip for friends to share.  If you go, there's a great diner right off the thruway on your way there or back- try the mac and cheese!

I am grateful for:
Having family to share Thanksgiving with- both those close to us and those not so close.
Taking time to do something just for the joy I get by doing it.
The beast is finally quilted!!! (pictures soon)
Cuddling and sharing "secrets" with Jon.
The first snow was absolutely gorgeous this year. 

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