Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting things DONE!

First, here at last is the "Mother's Day gift' from my son. Some excavation in the field next to us had revealed these lovely great rocks, which I know the farmer did not want in his field. So I pondered contacting him to have them brought to my yard. But I hadn't gotten around to it. Lucas asked his friend with a front end loader to do it. I wish I had grabbed the camera when they were doing it, since the rock was nearly as big as the loader. In a perfect world, the rocks would have been the centerpiece of the big bed. But it would have required a lot more digging up and transplanting than I could do with the half an hour's notice I had. So they are on a corner near the perennial bed instead. I'll be planting some ground covers in front of them and will place the extra perennials around them when I thin.
Last Sunday was my 29th wedding anniversary. I am most fortunate to have found a man who loves me enough to put up with me all these years. He thinks he's the lucky one. I'll never know why. Anyway, he took me to a place called "the Red Garter" in Salamanca, NY. We had to be in the area that day for a family event. The restaurant sits way up on a hill overlooking the Allegany River Valley. I imagine the view in the fall is spectacular.

And now, the Finished Objects!!!!
The green and brown one is called "Grasshopper Pie with Butterfly Garnish". This is an original design using Scrap Therapy squares. I will be sharing the pattern for it with students in my summer classes at Mt Pleasant. I had a lot of fun machine quilting this one. I couldn't decide what design to use, so I used a bunch of different ones. I like the way it came out and am actually looking forward to the next piece I plan to machine quilt!

The blue one is a Scrap Therapy pattern, called Stargazing. It is a sample for the shop, but not yet on the class schedule. I used a plain border rather than piecing as shown. I have included a close up picture of the quilting, since I also had a good time with this one. I may go back and put the vine in the plain sections between the stars. I did a fun chain of square spirals in the outer border. I'll have to do that one again where it might show up. Thanks again to Leah Day for sharing of her talents, and giving me the confidence to try all this quilting!

I am grateful for:
The weather cooperating now that planting season has arrived.
Time to spend indulging my creativity
My husband's patience and love
Chocolate chip cookies
Time with my son this week

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