Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick updates

I always say that being in a rut- living a rather boring life- is a good thing, Excitement usually brings trouble with it. I base my blog posts on what I took pictures of in the past week. So here are the high points of the last week.
The first thing is the full bloom of the "Silver Torch" cactus. Rather anticlimactic, wouldn't you say? The red is all wilted now- it was only "pretty" for one day. I wish I knew what creature pollinates this in the wild- why would the blossom develop like this???

The next thing is the gift I got from my son last week. I had intended to get a picture of me with them to show how big they are, but it has rained almost every day since- when someone else is home who could take a picture. To give an idea, the birdhouse in the background is maybe 8 feet away from the rocks and is 6 feet high.

The construction on the "Liberated" project is completed. I pinned it to the backing and draped it over the little bookshelves to see how it will look. (the bits on the floor will be on the sides you couldn't see in the picture)
I kind of like it. Putting it together after it's quilted seems to be the best way. Stay tuned.

I have a busy weekend and need to get two other project finished by next Friday, so I don't expect this to be done soon. (pouty face)

I'm having trouble getting things spaced well. I apologize, since I'm out of time for now. I'll try to fix it later.

I am grateful for:

I somehow lost a whole pound!
Heat when I needed it
Finding a black bunny in the dark who seemed happy I found him
A boss who lets me have a life outside of work
Time with a friend who I can see once a year and feel like it has only been a week!

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