Thursday, May 6, 2010

I can't sew in the garden!

I've been spending every available minute in the gardens, as I do every year at this time. The weeds always get a head start, since they do not seem to go dormant in winter the way the flowers do. (Dandelions never sleep) There are a few spots I am weeding with a shovel when I get there. This spot always looks nice early because if the winter pansies and the tulips. This year, it was full of seedlings from the "stickies" my dog imports. Needless to say she has not been allowed near here yet this year- and will be kept out in perpetuity! (stupid dog)

In this bed, I fill old shoes with succulents and small flowers. Last year, I bought a dragon statue. So now I will be telling visitors the shoes are from people who annoyed him.

Cactus update. Remember the sad specimens I was working around a couple of weeks ago? They are looking more robust these days! The red spots are buds- soon they will be ablaze with fabulous golden yellow blossoms!

Meanwhile the Silver Torch has developed a rather embarrassing condition. I have been saying the bud transforms from a pimple to a nose to a penis. :-)

I have done some sewing this week. The only noteworthy piece is the fact that I have finally started the quilting on this piece to be donated to the NY State Quilter's Consortium. I did a vine and leaf thing in the patchwork sections, and used one of Leah Day's designs, called "paisley division"(or as close as I could come!) in the blank spaces. I like the way it looks so far! I hope someday to meet Leah and tell her how much it has meant to me to have her videos available to me!!! You can support the project too, if you wish. ( No affiliation, but she is sharing her talent with us for free, so I feel it's only fair to donate)

I am grateful for:
Brief periods of solitude
Rain- even when it comes with thunder and lightening
My early Mother's day gift from my son ( you'll see it soon)
Sharing moments of pure joy with my husband
Waking up to birdsong in the morning
Ice cream on a hot day

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