Thursday, January 6, 2011

SO good to be sewing again!

I hid in the sewing room as much as I could the first week of the new year. By yesterday afternoon, I had found the surface of the cutting table! Of course by Saturday afternoon if will be full again. :-)
This first piece is from Nancy Halvorsen's newest ( to me) book, called "Count on it". I hope to have each one ready in time to hang in the office! A simple project, and a good way to keep my machine embroidery skills fresh!

I am also working on the samples for my winter classes at Mt. Pleasant. I'm still doing scrap quilts, using all those squares I cut for Scrap Therapy. This is the Candy Kisses quilt I showed late last year. I followed Kay's suggestion and used black thread for the quilting.

I love the way Leah Day's "Dresden daisies" look in the border!
I had planned to do little flowers in the black spaces, but decided it didn't need them, and since they wouldn't have shown very well anyway... OK, I got lazy!

I can only give a sneak peek at the other project I finished last week. It's my entry in the "It Must be Chocolate" challenge- due at the guild meeting on the 15th. This is another of Leah's filler designs- SO much fun to do!!!

I am grateful for:
Getting back to a routine.
Soup weather.
Birds at my feeder.
New episodes of some of my shows. ( I'm addicted. I admit it)
Fewer aches and pains lately!

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  1. Really like the black quilting!
    I made soup today!
    What's the secret of less aches and pains??