Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making the best of Winter

The wind blew the thistles down last fall, so the snow can have a place to rest.
 I decide this winter I would not mope around feeling awful about the cold, the grey skies and the fact that winter is usually around 6 months long here.  I have lived long enough to know that kind of thinking only causes me depression around the middle of February.  No point in setting myself up for it, right?

Last Friday, after we got a fresh dusting of snow, the sun came out for a while, making the world sparkle like diamonds.  It's so hard to capture in a picture, but here are a few of my favorites.
I managed to get zoomed in so you can almost see each snowflake!

The sad part for me was having to leave all those tracks in the snow to get these.  I love an undisturbed field covered with snow!
My front flower bed, which I just replanted last fall.  I hope the lilies are keeping warm in there!

I think this one's my favorite.

 Last week I teased my entries in the Guild's 2011 challenge, "It Must Be Chocolate".  Now I can show them!
I actually entered two pieces. I may have shown this one last summer when I first finished it. It's called "Grasshopper Pie with Butterfly Garnish".  I made it using scrap therapy squares and techniques in Mary Ellen Hopkins "Connecting Up" books.  ( I think it's 4 7/8).  It wasn't until I gave it the name that I realized it fit the parameters of the challenge!

This is the piece I previewed last week.  It is adapted from two cross stitch  designs.  The original had a bear, so I adapted a bunny by Alma Lynne. (and I've lost the name of the designer of the bear)  I call it "Deliver me From...Chocolate?".

The display at the library goes up on February 2, so I'll be sure to post the pictures of all of them after that.

I am grateful for:
People who are considerate and understanding.
Friendly faces at work again.
Figuring out the updated publishing options here.
A good book and a blankie.
The promise of spring we had Tuesday. ( accepting Winter doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to Spring!)

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