Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new art project

The ArtCGirlz had our monthly meeting the other night. It felt like forever since we had been together, since the weather canceled our December meeting.It is always a fun meeting. We are a small group, and we allow ourselves to get silly at these meetings. The best part is the enthusiasm I get for new things after I spend time with these ladies!
We had set the basic parameters for a new group project at the previous meeting. Inspired by an exercise in _Creative Quilts_, by Sandra Meech, we decided to take a portion of a picture or collage and make it into a small quilt. Kathi has been participating in a book page round robin with her "Artsy Fartsy Friends". As we had all found that an interesting concept, we decided to make our project into a book as well. Karen solved the issue of how to make them all the same with some pre-grommetized upholstery samples!! We have plenty of time to do this project, which is a good thing since most of us can't even decide what picture we want to use.
Here are some of my choices.
The first one was to have been my entry in the chocolate challenge, but I never got it off the ground. So this is the front runner right now.

Here is the original box of Godiva chocolates. I had to do some research for the project, right? :-) (actually it was a gift- honest!)

This is a bridge near either Akron or Toledo, Ohio.

I cut out a portion of the picture, then turned it at an angle and traced some of the shapes, since they had an interesting "texture". This is my second choice.

I also found some interesting lines in this fabric by Amy Butler. ( I hope the link takes you to the right fabric. It's from her new Soul Blossoms collection) The print is called Chocolate Disco Flower. I hadn't noticed that before. I'm truly drawn to anything chocolate, I guess!

I'm hoping to have some time to get started on this over the weekend, so maybe I'll be able to bring you with me through this project.

I am grateful for:
My artsy fartsy friends! (they'll giggle when they see that)
There wasn't a three foot snow drift in my driveway this morning.
Apple Crisp.
The way the snow sparkled as I drove home the other night!
Hibernating in the sewing room.

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  1. haha! I am pretty excited about this new group project.
    i am grateful for apple crisp too!