Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A fresh start!

The new year makes us all see the potential of a fresh start! For myself, I think of all the projects I may be able to finish in the new year.
First, a look back at the projects. I record them all in my journal every year along with taking a picture of each item before it goes out the door.
So what did I do in 2011?
Quilts: 6
Wall quilts:17 ( that includes the 12 little calendar quilts)
Art quilts: 6
Finished UFO's: 2 ( a number I hope to improve on this year!!!)
Quilted gifts: 9
Garments: 9
Quilted accessories: 18
knitted wearables: 6 (includes 3 pairs of socks)
Knitted gifts: 40 (love those little mochimochiland patterns!)
I couldn't categorize the 100 or so Kanzashi flowers I made, the 16 woven star ornaments, or the projects I only did part of, like binding a community service quilt from guild, or teaching samples.
It felt good to see all of these projects listed like this. Sometimes I feel like I don't get much done. Especially this year when I gave so many of the things I made away!

So what is in the works for the NEW year? Well for one thing, I'm doing another series of calendar quilts. This year by Kim Schaefer. I got the first one done on Jan 1. So far, so good.

I also plan to be a little selfish. For the past several years I have been teaching classes, so I had to make samples both for display in the shop and for demo samples during the class. Now I can finally do things that have been on my wish list!  I have a few UFO's to  finish up.  Unfinished projects make me sad.  I feel like I failed somehow.  But thanks to my friend Elaine, who shared this on facebook, I will no longer feel guilty if a project just doesn't interest me and I don't finish it.  I may even give some away if anyone wants them.

My new year's green tip is to remind you to do one small thing this year to reduce the amount of trash you make, or resources you use unnecessarily.  Buy a reusable water bottle, make a real effort to use those shopping bags you've collected, print fewer emails, turn off a light or turn down the thermostat.  Small changes can make a BIG difference if enough people do them!!

I am grateful for:
Two days of being surrounded by my family!
The stomach bug that prevented me from gaining 5 lbs over the holidays
The potential of a new year
Wonderful circles of friends (the ones nearby and the ones I only get to see in my computer!) who give me laughter, support and the gift of their friendship.
The pure joy of a few extra minutes in a warm bed on a cold morning.


  1. Great post, Martha. Few people are greatful for a stomach bug!!! I wish I had journaled what I did this year. Sometimes it doesn't seem like much, but I need to remember I put together 1/2 a show at the Arts Council. That's a pretty big accomplishment (despite a bum finger that has kept me from quilting as I would like the last 6 months of the year).

  2. OMG, you are a very prolific quilter! You should never feel sad about a UFO.