Friday, January 13, 2012

Round robin begins!!

      So far, 2012 is going well.  I finished my blocks for a swap at "The Quilt Pocket"- a yahoo group of quilters who I spend part of most days with!    There are 25 swappers, but I made five extra blocks so I can have a rectangular quilt.  I have never cared for square ones.  I don't know why.

The "Art C Girlz", met last night to begin an exciting new project.  We're doing a round robin.  This one is an embellishing project. Each of us turned in a piece that the rest of the group can play with, adding any kind of surface design or embellishment we think the piece needs.  I get to work on Lori's first.  I won't be able to show the work I do since it's meant to be a secret until the owner gets it back.
I didn't take a picture of mine.  I decided to use a small whole cloth quilt I did years ago as a way to practice my quilting stitch.  It no longer appeals to me, so I thought I'd let the girls play with it.  It should be fun!
I'm calling 2012 the year of being selfish, since I'm hoping to get some of MY projects finished.  But I'm looking forward to playing with each of the pieces in this project, and look forward to seeing what they do with mine.  (I forgot to take a before picture of it)
My green tip this time is to ask that you try to support "green" businesses. When you need something, take a few extra minutes in your research to discern how"earth friendly" the company you want to deal with is. Go to their website.  Check in with websites like for recommendations.

I am grateful for:
Being in a position to help a friend
A glass of wine!
The back massager
A good sewing day.
Soft quilts made with love to keep me warm in the evening!

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  1. I am with you on the gratitude for wine and a good sewing day!
    I have Emmy's great mini PP baskets..I have 3 idea's I am mulling over.