Friday, January 20, 2012

Just because!

So I have begun working on some of the projects I wanted to do "just because". Because it sounded like fun, or because it's a UFO I want to finish, projects just for me!

Last weekend, I decided to finish quilting the front panel from my "liberated" project.  It was begun in a class with Janet Root at Guild nearly TWO years ago!  Not only did I stretch myself with the piecing of this project, but I have been using the quilting as practice and a way to stretch my abilities.

Of course, Leah is my inspiration!  I don't know the names she gave these designs, but they were fun to do.

This week, I started doing the quilting/ thread sketching on this wondrous piece of ice dyed fabric Mary Lee gave me last summer.  I work in a program that teaches people to become sleep technologists.  So I am quilting a sun and moon design into it.

Here is the progress so far.  Not bad if I say so myself.  :-)  I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.

I have to rant for a minute about the increasing number of public places that feel the need to "freshen" the air by spraying chemicals into it that we are all forced to breathe. I have allergies and/or a chemical sensitivity to scents.  I can't even walk into some public places, especially restrooms!!!  Try holding your breath for the entire time it takes you to relieve yourself sometime and you may get a glimpse into why I am ranting.  I cannot imagine why even people who are not sensitive to it would want to breathe dangerous chemicals
I guess, then, that I will make this also my green tip of the week:  THINK about the chemical pollutants you are putting into the air, the water and the garbage.

I am grateful for:
The nights I can sleep.
Being able to help a friend when she needed it.
Snuggling under quilts when the weather outside is frightful.
Having enough.
Letting my inner 6 year old out to play .

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