Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dreaming of Feathers, and making do!

I brought my sock bag with me on the airplane when we went on vacation.  No one ever said a word about the (bamboo) knitting needles in my carry on bag!  As we sat on the runway, I cast on the stitches for a sock and started the ribbing.  We took off and I was still knitting- you don't have to put them away or turn them off or anything like you do the electronics!  So I got quite a lot done even on the short first leg (no pun intended) of our trip.  On the second leg, I was on the aisle and wasn't even distracted by the view out the window.  Soon it was time to start the cables in this pattern, from "Socks a la Carte 2 ".  But it was at that point that panic struck and I realized I had forgotten to pack my cable needle.   I could have continued on with the ribbing, but decided to rummage around in my bag since I had a LOT of stuff in there!

Ta-Da!  I found a paperclip!  Unbent the one end and it worked like a charm!  I'm still using the paperclip- mostly because I'm not sure where my cable needle is and I'm too lazy to look.

This is a quilt I pieced not long after beginning to use the "Scrap Therapy" system for dealing with my scraps. (in 2008 maybe?) I had cut so many scraps into the squares that when I found this pattern called  Squares in Squares, by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs  (although I didn't see it at her site the last time I checked), it seemed perfect! 
 I am trying to learn the "Dream Feathers" technique from the book of the same name by Peggy Holt.  (I really have no affiliation with Amazon, but when the authors have no website, it's the easiest place to get information!)

It's a pretty easy- and fun!- technique, but the artistry she has achieved will take some time!
This quilt will be donated along with some others I am working on.  I like using my scraps and helping someone who will appreciate it at the same time!

With the heat many of us are suffering this year, I thought my "Green tip" should be about beating the heat without increasing the electric bill- and the demand for energy!
The easiest way is one  I learned from my Grandmother:  Open every window you can at night and let the natural cooling over night cool your home, then close it up to keep it cool.  The first thing I do every morning is close all the windows and curtains to keep the hot air out.  It was 94 degrees today and my house only warmed up to 79.  With only the ceiling fan running, I am comfortable!  The cost savings alone is a good reason not to use AC!!  If you can manage with a room air conditioner- like I have in my bedroom- do!  You'll save  money there, too. Turn it on 15 minutes or so before bed and you have a comfortable room to sleep in.  ( my biggest issue in this kind of heat)  There are a lot of "green" ways to beat the heat , some are things to do when you do repairs.  On my wish list is a whole house fan, especially if I can get the one that runs on solar power!

I am grateful for:
Surviving that nasty summer cold!
"Boo" purrs when I pet her now.
The "garage raising" crew!
When things could have been much worse but weren't.
A cold washcloth on the back of my neck.

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