Monday, July 9, 2012

My Newest Project


Last week I finally got the call from the Batavia Animal Shelter, that they had some kittens in need of foster  care until they are old enough to be put up for adoption.  I had signed up a couple of months ago, but had to wait until after our trip to be put on the calendar.  I have six "bitties"- three each from two litters.  This happens when someone discovers a stray who has had kittens under a porch or in a barn.  Most times the mother cannot be caught, but when  the kittens can, they wind up at the shelter.

Simon- yellow- and Doug
Three of them were very afraid of me the first couple of days- the little black one even hissed at me.  But we are making friends and I'm sure they will be sweet kitties when they find their "forever" home.  Their personalities gave them names before I could get close enough to examine their gender!  Above is "Boo"- the black- because (s)he would only peek at me around boxes and siblings, and  "George"- who I believe now to be a girl- is very curious and was the first 'fraidy cat to come out to play.

Simon (Legree)- hogs the food dishes. (a mini Garfield?)

 There is also Bob- the escape artist- who I can't get a picture of since he never stops moving.  Bob and Doug are named for the McKenzie brothers of Second City. They both have a sort of M on their foreheads- and my mind wandered since the two of them are always together.

Simon, Boo and George peering at me on the deck- below their room.

 Tim, the shyest of them all, still prefers to stay in the corners.  But when I sneak up on her and pet her, she purrs immediately!  Since I was calling her Tom, for timid, before I decided she's a she, I decided her full name is Timid Tina.

Please keep these sweet faces in mind next time you decide you need a new friend in your life.  The shelter is full of them!  And- as Bob Barker says- Please have your own pets spayed or neutered.  The results of letting them breed are staggering, and tragic!  (even if you don't believe the numbers here)

I'll hold off on a green tip, since I've "preached" on a different topic already.

I am grateful for:
Relief from last week's heat ( I hope all are enjoying it!)
Family time
a little rain
enjoying the process

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