Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finding inspiration

I didn't have much to say this week, so I put off posting, thinking I'd have something interesting.  Not going to happen, I fear. At least not today.

Here are the most recent projects I've finished.  I made a new "banner"(left) for the Museum Quilt Guild to use when we hang our annual challenge display, among other events.  The old one -above right- has been used longer than anyone can remember.  It was made back when there wasn't a lot of quilting fabric to choose from.  So I made something a bit more modern.The bits I found from last year's raffle quilt really gave this one its pizzazz!

Last week I finished this shawl I was knitting.  The pattern is called Wingspan.  It's a free download at ravelry.  I used Noro silk garden sock yarn.
Isn't George pretty, too?

So, since I didn't have much to share, I decided to ponder finding inspiration. In the books I read by renowned art quilters, they all say to keep a sketch book.  I've done a bit of that when I have traveled, or when I remember to make time for it.  But I don't do it regularly.   I do leaf through magazines and collect pictures with colors or patterns that make me stop and say oooh!

Isn't this one fun?  Look at those colors!  And the lines behind the shoe are a great visual texture.

 I couldn't scan this whole picture, but the combination of color, line and those circles will find their way into something I create at some point.

This picture is some "goblet" cells. My friend Diana found a pinterest page with all kinds of this type of photo.  Naturally the colors drew me, but the aren't those fun shapes and textures?
 Or pictures I take myself.

This is red leaf lettuce.

The Yellow Mounds in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Inspiration is where you find it.  In a class I took with Jane Sassaman, she had a "Visual Bibliography" on the supply list.  So when you feel you're in a slump, get out a book of flowers, some old magazines, go through your old photos and feed your muse!

What do you suppose the smog in China has to do with us here in the US?  Quite a lot when you consider a few things.  First- many of our products are produced cheaply in China due in large part to the laxity of their environmental laws.  For example, the runoff from textile dyeing goes directly into fresh water streams over there!  We have all seen examples of this in the many recalls of products with lead paint in recent years.
Second, where do you think that pollution is heading? It's not like we can close the window to keep it out of our air!  We all need to consider these things when we vote with our dollars.

I am grateful for:
Sleeping through the night.
When a small change makes a so-so project fabulous!
Three of my last four foster babies have forever homes!
Being appreciated for the little things.
Meeting all my deadlines (for now)

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