Monday, April 1, 2013

Ann Brauer piece finished

Last week I showed you the construction of the Ann Brauer inspired project we did at ArtCGirlz.  Yesterday I had a bit of sewing time and decided to cut it up and make my little bag.  I had no waste and nothing at all left over.  I'm quite pleased with it, but was thinking how much more interesting it would be if the stripes had intersected.  So, I guess I'll have to do another one....   

Since I don't have much else to write about this week, I thought I would share some of the wonderful art on display at the Galleries at GCC.    
The first pieces are student work from the various art classes offered.  

by Emmaline Vacanti

 These two pieces are  by Hikaru Kishimoto

 "Historic artifact" by France Lippold

I found myself wishing some of these fabulous pieces had price tags on them!

 In the Lobby Gallery we are happy to have an exhibit by Geeta Harvey.  I attended a lecture she gave on her work, and should really have taken notes so I could share some of her insights and inspiration for these pieces.

This piece is titled, the Gold Necklace.  I'm fascinated by the shadow below the gold!

 This piece is called "Engineers"  Part of her "Virtual Icons" series.
 This is the only piece from the sari series on display.

Waterfall detail

A lot of people give their house a good cleaning in the spring. (these people can be neither quilters nor gardeners, in my opinion)  If you are planning to do some cleaning, try some of the recipes for earth friendly cleaning here

I am grateful for:
A little extra sewing time last week.
An actual spring day over the weekend (it's winter again as I write)
I finished something!
A bonus outing with my BFF!
Private jokes that keep us close and keep us laughing!

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