Friday, June 7, 2013

Genesee Valley Quilt Show- Magical Threads indeed!

This is sort of a catch up, or bonus?, post this week

On May 31 and June 1, I spent the days at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club's biennial show.  This time it was titled Magical Threads - Inspired Stitches.

I met my friend Elaine first thing on Friday.  She had just been handed the ribbon she won for her piece, "Then...the Crocus".  So I went with her to pin it to the quilt.

Vickie Coykendall: Quilt poetry

The first day we went specifically for the purpose of admiring what the very talented members of this group created!

Also by Vickie Coykendall.  I missed the name.  Awesome quilting!

Diamond delight by Sue Donovan

There were a couple made from this same pattern.  I loved the 3-D effect on this one best.
Far View 13 by Mary Rankin

This one used a single piece of hand dyed fabric as the basis for the awesome design!  This picture doesn't come close to allowing you to appreciate this piece!

Imagine #4 In My Mother's Garden, by Caren Betlinski

Look how this one glows!  I took a class with Caren and can follow her techniques,but am still in awe of her talent with thread painting!

My friend Lori also won a ribbon for her very first art quilt!!!
It's called "Negative Growth"

One of Marcia DeCamp's "Jet Trails" series.  I just loved the colors!

Uh-Oh, by Caren Betlinski

This piece, also by Caren Betlinski, was part of the RAFA "Nature Behind Bars" challenge.  Isn't it adorable?  :-)

Nature's Bared Behind, by Sarah Terry

The tail on this one moved when someone got close to it. It scared one lady near us when it happened.

My Kool Kaleidoscope by Marilyn Guenther

Doing one of these is on my quilting "bucket list"

Saved by the Braid by Judith Edwards- Awesome colors!!!

Sumac Leaf by Beverly Kondolf

Sunset on Cayuga by Mandy Applebee

The "ghost" flowers were created with amazing thread work!

A view of the show from the second floor

There were SO many great quilts in this show and I'd love to share them all here, but it has taken me days to get this done- and I still don't think a couple of the names are correct.  Hopefully the GVQC will be posting pictures soon.  If they do, I'll come back and add the link!

This quilt was hanging in the Hmong vendor's booth

On Saturday I met up with a couple of the girls from the internet quilting group I have been a member of for many years.  They were here with a group from another guild near Oneonta. 
 Isn't it lucky there was a gorgeous quilt in colors we matched to have our picture made in front of?

Also on Saturday I spent a great deal of time supporting my fellow guild members, Elaine and Kathi  at the Iron Quilter competition.  They get the them at 10 am and have until 2:30 to create a finished quilt!

We brought signs for their work tables (Someone took pictures of them, but I haven't seen them yet) and came by every chance we got to admire their work and cheer them on!

Poor Elaine was very nervous about the whole event, but she went right to work on her piece and it looked like she had some fun doing it!

Elaine's finished piece

Kathi's finished piece

Kathi won this event in 2011, and was one of the three finalists this time- taking second place!

This is the winning piece.  The zipper closes, exemplifying the theme "A disappearing Act"!

You can see more pictures and read more about the event here.

I am grateful for:
Improvement in the kittens' health
Much cooler nights
My son learned persistence (nagging) from his mom- and it paid off
Hubby going on a road trip over the weekend so maybe I can sew
A patient and undemanding boss

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  1. The medallion quilt by Vickie Coykendall was named "Ricky and Alex" because it was inspired by the Ricky Tim's seminar when they were here last summer in July. That means she completed it in LESS than ONE year.