Monday, June 3, 2013

Signed Epstein's Mother

I missed posting last week, but I have an excuse!  
I managed to catch a nasty summer cold before summer even arrived.  Not the lay in bed for days because you're sick kind of cold, though.  (thank goodness!) The kind where you feel like crap and sound like crap, but are still well enough to do your daily chores for the most part.  It came with a nasty cough, so answering the phone at work was a challenge for a couple of days when all I could do was croak at people.  Luckily, it is not a busy time of year.

I did get the rest of the annuals I bought potted.  I have a ton of houseplants which I move outside for the summer, but it's nice to have some flowers on the porches, too.

Finally!  Wisteria blossoms
And many of my favorite perennials are blossoming now, too.  This part of spring is my absolute favorite time of year!

Soloman's Seal, after a passing shower

Daisies have always been a favorite

 My wild kittens have undergone a magical transformation and are becoming the sweetest little kittens I've had the pleasure of fostering.  All too soon now they will be ready for their "furever" homes.

Sparkles, the only girl in the group

Tanner (my favorite)

 We are having two adoption events at the shelter this month. All adults cats can be adopted for only $20  If they are spayed/ neutered), which is half of the regular fee! Some cats have partial fees paid, so they could be adopted for free!!! 


June 8 is Meet the kittens day at Petco in Batavia.  Many of the babies in foster, who will be ready for adoption soon will be there.  We can pre-approve your application and let you know when the kitten will be ready.  That way, they never have to spend any time in the shelter at all, which is awesome because there are no cages available right now!

My "Green" thought this week is a simple one- and one I'm sure I've made before.  If you, like I do, believe that the climate is changing because of humans.  Contact your congressman or senator.  Write to the president, or the governor.  Make some noise, so they HAVE to do something.  Don't be one of the millions who sit quietly wondering what "they" are going to do!!  The government must be forced to act- to make the hard choices!!  There are days I think it's already too late, but we have to try.  We have to believe our voices will be heard and we can make a difference!

I am grateful for:
My hubby letting me go out and play even though his plans were cancelled.
Time with treasured friends.
Getting my voice back.
Kittens who purr, rather than hiss, when I walk into the room.
Some cooler nights so I can sleep under my cocoon again!

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