Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back at 2013

I keep a record of projects I work on throughout the year.  I have friends who keep track of hours spent, or materials used, but I just like to see what I accomplish each year.  So- on this first day of 2014, I am looking back at my "production.  ( I am a product person, in case that isn't quite obvious)

This year's total projects was 58.  I may have missed a pair of earrings or something, but still that is quite low compared to past years.   Broken down by type it looks like this.
Quilts: 9
Blocks/ tops: 8 (this includes the hours and hours spent on the raffle quilt!)
Apparel: 5 (very low!)
Accessories: 4
Home dec: 5
Knitting: 20 (due to a number of very small items and kitty blankets)

One thing that I didn't count was the  27 foster kittens I cared for this year.  If you add those in, I'm about where I should be. 

So- here are the highlights- otherwise known as my favorite projects from 2013.

My favorite quilt was my Wild Things quilt.  I had such a blast making that, and tried several new processes which I will use again.

 My second favorite was my mandala, which I didn't like until I added the zentangle quilting.

My favorite in the block/ top category is these comfort quilt tops.  My online quilt "guild" has done these for members suffering illness or loss for years.  The simple blocks make a lovely quilt and we can tailor them to the person.  
It's a small thing to do to show our love and support in difficult times.

My favorite "accessory" project are these hats I made for a friend battling cancer. (pictured here on the mannequins in the sleep lab at work)
 I don't know how much use she got out of them, but it made me feel like I was doing something.  Feeling powerless to help a friend is an awful thing.

My favorite knitted item was this wingspan shawl.  Noro yarn makes any project a favorite, though!

 And my favorite foster experience was the littler of feral kittens.  When I first brought them home, I couldn't reach into the crate without them hissing, growling, hiding and trying to shred my hands.  But suddenly, they were coming out for food, then for affection.  The first time I held one of them and he purred was one of the most awesome things I have experienced. 
I was so happy to save these babies from a life of fighting and eating garbage.  I know for a fact that most of them are very spoiled pets now.  I did that.  So it was a very good year.  I can only hope to do as well in this new year!

I am pressed for time at the moment, so I will cut the nagging about saving the planet.  Just a reminder that every small thing might make a difference!

I am grateful for:
A good year
Friends far and near
Being able to give of myself
Being very spoiled
The possibilities the first day of the new year offers each of us!


  1. You work, you create beautiful things and you fostered 27 kitties. How do you do it all? Good on you!

  2. Your work with the kitten's trumps all the other cool things you made! I give you much credit for tackling that.
    and I love your Wild Things quilt!

  3. You have been busy, as always! Happy New Year!

  4. I love seeing what you are up to because I never know what you'll do next. My favorite creation of yours for 2013 is the Where the Wild Things Are quilt. I hope you put the Mandala quilt in the quilt show because I want to see the Zentangle quilting!