Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow day!

What to do when it looks like this outside, and your workplace has closed as a result?  (tough one, right?)

I went to the sewing room with no plan in mind, but had set the bag with the portrait quilt in it out to be the next project.  So I went to work. You may or may not remember this was a class Mary Lee taught at guild last May. It is one of my five projects to finish for the quilt show coming in October.  I had traced the pieces onto the wonder under and fused a few of them  to the fabrics.  I got stuck trying to decide what color Al's coverall should be.  It's a faded grey in this picture, but I didn't want him to fade into the background.

I'm using a few of the techniques I tried last year on the Wild Things quilt to add small details to the pieces.  The smaller shadows on Lucas' jacket are drawn on with watercolor pencils/ crayons.  As long as the piece is never washed, it should be fine.  I will enhance them with stitching later.

The car looks funny because it was cut off in the picture.  I will crop the whole thing down once it's all fused to a background.
Pardon the burnt ironing board cover, please.  It's way past time for a new one!

This is where I ended for the day. I will probably use two different backgrounds for it, even though there won't be much background showing when I crop.

 I could wish for more snow days, but I won't- because I hate to wish that on the people who have to be out on nasty days!

By the way, there was an article about how "climate change"  (since global warming doesn't cover the whole process, I guess) can actually cause more of these unbelievably cold weather events.

I am grateful for:
An extra day in the sewing room
Being safe and warm
The delicious cinnamon bread a neighbor brought over the other day
Ryan's generous gift of a new CD player for my car
The sun is coming out!

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  1. You make it look so easy!! This is going to be another beauty!