Thursday, March 6, 2014

I spent three days on retreat, and I'm already ready for another

Last weekend was the annual Museum Quilt Guild retreat at Camp Asbury on Silver Lake.  It is one time living out in the boonies works for me, since I am less than 20 minutes away!

My sewing space was right by the window. This was my view Friday afternoon.

After spending all three days last year working on those teeny tiny George Siciliano blocks, I decided to bring quick and easy projects this year.  I had recently gone through the bin of samples from when I was teaching Scrap Therapy classes.  There were two projects in there I knew I could finish quickly.  I started on those.

This pattern is called "Charming Buds".  All the sashing rows were assembled and the borders were cut.  So once I got a few blocks used as my "process" samples assembled,  it went together very quickly!  This is the charm pack variation, which is lap-sized.  I don't know where it will go when I get it quilted.

I goofed on the orientation of two of the blocks.  Can you spot them?  Oh, I should do a giveaway for that! hmmmmm

This quilt is made of disappearing nine patch blocks. They were samples for the "Triple Dip" Pattern.  This is not one of the dips.  I didn't want a square quilt. Doesn't this look like a cake or brownies with sprinkles???

Melanie sat across from me all weekend.  She was fun to play with.  She was the one this year doing lots of piecing on small projects.  She got four more of her George Siciliano blocks project.

She has to do more blocks to finish her project than I did.  But mine had more pieces per block. We thought it was about even for how hard they are to finish!

My Saturday project was to assemble these flower blocks into a top.  I got these as a surprise thank you gift a few years back.  I helped a friend who had to drop out of the swap at the last minute, by making a set of blocks in her name.  I was not the only one.  So we all got a set since there were extras.

Funny how many people mentioned this didn't look like a "Martha" quilt.

Saturday evening, I got out the fabric to put between these stars, which also came from a swap.  I wanted my quilt to be bigger, which is why I added the squares in between.  I got the blocks all assembled, but I think I want a teal border, so I will probably "have" to go buy some fabric.  Poor me.

It was so wonderful to have this time to just sew and enjoy the company of the other ladies on retreat!  Nothing like it!!!

My "green" thought this week is to ask: Are you like me- picking empty water bottles out of trash cans so you can recycle them?  I do it, if they are right on top. I try to make people aware that I am willing to help with recycling wherever I am.  Many people don't want to bring home empty soda bottles after an outing.   I was happy to pick up the bottles left behind after retreat and get them to the recycle bins.  I forgot to announce I would do this in advance.  It is part of my welcome to the students each Fall to let them know I will do this for them.
So make your voice heard and your intentions known!   Together we CAN make a difference!!
 ( I do hope no one feels singled out by this- that is NOT my intention!!)

I am grateful for:
Three wonderful days with friends!
My hubby doesn't mind my obsession.
February is over!
The birds were singing Sunday morning.
Hugs, always.

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  1. Love your block swap with the solid alternate blocks.I also did an alternate but used some burgundy in mine.