Monday, March 24, 2014

Fine Arts Student work

 In the gallery at GCC right now is my favorite exhibit of the year,  featuring the work of our own very talented students.  I look forward to this show every year. 

I love the fact that they are apparently encouraged to find ways to make are from "trash!"


The picture I took of the "middle" piece, wasn't good enough to share. 
Aren't these beautiful?  I kind of want one.

Sadly, the gallery isn't open very often.  The gallery manager position is vacant at the moment, and may not be filled for a long time. It's a shame, really. The gallery could be a great asset for the college, but they haven't found a way to make it live up to its potential.  I'm hoping that they will.

Meanwhile, in my sewing room.....

I made a sort of Easter basket with a couple of the "rejected" fat quarters from the left right center game at retreat.

I layered them, and quilted the whole thing.  I cut the corners away to make the basket.  Not wanting to waste them, I zigzagged the edges and made coasters.

I bought Mary Lou Weidman's book, Flower Power, last year, but have never taken time to play with it.  I finally moved that to the top of the list.  I may or may not ever use this flower.  I was thinking of Kathi while I worked on this, since I decided it didn't matter if I hated the result- I was only learning the process!  (Kathi will understand)
I actually made a big mistake on my very first attempt.  Those star points weren't supposed to look like that.  But When I realized I did them wrong, I decided to see what I could do with them!
I enjoyed doing it.  That's all that matters.

I never shared pictures of the clothes I made.  But they don't look nice on a hanger.  So this dogwood fabric is a sort of a jacket.
The Kaffe Fassett print is a spring/summer dress. I'm hoping we will someday have spring and summer.

I saw an episode of "Only in America" with Larrry the Cable Guy last week, showing something called the "Loveable Loo".  It is a composting toilet.  You basically go in a bucket, dump it into the compost box and get nice soil for your gardens.  I admit it, part of me wanted one.  But since my composting efforts went awry due to the fact that I am lazy about it, I know I am not really the right person for this.  (If you do it right, it creates heat, which kills the bacteria.)  So I have found my limit.  If our water supplies do become as precious as is predicted, I will have to.  But for now I will "pass".  

I am grateful for:

My sewing time.
Red-winged blackbirds,  Turkey Vultures, and Woodchucks- all of whom know spring is coming!
Really yummy soup.
How funny George is.

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