Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not good sewing weather

Billy- my favorite
We had a gorgeous weekend, weather wise.  That means I spent almost no time in the sewing room.  It will now be a rainy day activity, which is sad because:
a) I didn't get near as much done over the winter as I had hoped.
b) I will be hoping for more and more rainy days as time to register for the quilt show gets closer.

There wasn't much to take pictures of out there yet, so here are the kittens, instead.  They are growing so fast!
Angela, Andy and Edmond


No, I can't tell them apart- without comparing them to each other and looking under their tails.  (how rude)

I did whip up a couple of skirts for Kiara.  I have been told she wants skirts that cover her shoes.  So I lengthened a pattern I had.  I wasn't sure how much to add, though.....

It looks like I went a little too far.
I love this one, and wish I had made it in my size!

(Isn't she a pretty little thing?)

I have the raffle quilt again, so I can mark the quilting on the last border!!!  (you will hear the celebration when this thing is finally FINISHED, I assure you!)

 I got out the high tech tools, I have used to design this quilt from the beginning....
(the dry erase marker was to mark on a large sheet of clear vinyl I use for this purpose.  Do not ever get this ink on your quilt!)

So here is a sneak preview of the final border design.  I keep thinking I would like to make another one of these quilts for myself, since I just love it.  But I would never be able to get it to come out the same since so much of it has been done this way.  I have shared my "pattern" previously.
I want to post a picture of the whole quilt, but haven't been able to get one since I have no way to suspend myself from the ceiling.

Today is Earth Day, so people are talking about being more earth friendly and sharing save the planet posts on facebook, etc.  This needs to be part of our lives, not one day a year but every day.  As the UN report said, it's now or never.  It should have been done 40 years ago.
The effects of the inaction of the world leaders  are already changing our world.  In the Midwestern and Western US, there are already battles heating up over water usage as farms demand more and more of it for crops that should probably not even be grown in these areas.    And we are all aware of the changes to our weather patterns in the past few years.
There is, nor will there be, an easy answer.  One thing is for sure; if we don't demand it, nothing will change.  Don't tell your friends you wish you could do something, get involved any way you can.  Join your voice to others and make yourself heard.

I am grateful for:
Being outside
Macaroni and cheese
Sleeping with the windows open
Random interactions

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