Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My sweet boys!

 My favorite Oriental  Lilies in my garden
I have nothing to report this week.  I have been to Herkimer, NY twice in a week to get my aunt moved out of assisted living and into the skilled nursing wing of the facility where she lives.  Not an easy task.  Her already small pile of possessions has been reduced to nothing but the barest essentials.  It breaks my heart to leave her there.  She was a very strong, independent, take no crap kind of woman up until a few years ago.  I walk around that place and think this is just not living.  Modern medicine has allowed us to live longer lives.  But to me it is another case of "just because they can, does that mean they should???"
My garage is full of furniture that I now have to find a good way to dispose of.  I already have three generations of furniture in my house.  I guess there's a bit of my mom in me, since I hate to let go of these things which were so important to my aunt.

When all of this gets to me, I head to the nursery.  At present I have only two little boys in there, but they are great therapy- better than anything the pharmaceutical companies could ever dream up!

Ted was found out in a thunderstorm all by himself when he was around 6 weeks old.  He is the sweetest boy- purrs as soon as he sees me.  He's sick of the nursery, though, and has started bolting past me as soon as I open the door. George is happy to have a playmate, temporarily.


Hedwig (like Harry Potter's owl) was also found all by himself, in a busy parking lot downtown.  He is the only kind of love money can buy - or will be, when he goes up for adoption.  He snuggles right into me, gives head bumps and lots of kitty kisses.  He has a wonderful deep purr!  (He's going to be harder to give up)

Before I left the house this morning I grabbed a few pictures.  My favorite cactus is in bloom again.  It's night blooming, so you have to see them early in the day or you miss it.  They smell like kind of like Lily of the Valley.

 One day I will make a quilt from this plant.

When I came back in from feeding the rabbit, I caught a glimpse of something under the back door steps.  At first I thought it was a snake!  I ran to get Al and show him this slug .  He put his hand in there to show how big this thing is.  I usually stomp slugs, but not that one.  I bet he'd fight back!

 If you're curious, here is more information about them, called "Leopard slugs"  They can grow to 8 inches long!  I am hopeful the only reason we have one is because of how wet it has been this year.  EEUW!!

I am grateful for:
My husband, who makes me laugh and helps me no matter how odious the chore.
Mary Lee being close enough again that we can have lunch on my work days.
My rare (this year) sewing time- even if I don't have much to show for it sometimes.
Air-conditioning that makes me comfortable- not cold!- on a hot day, and allows me to sleep well at night.
 Chocolate, as always!!

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