Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sort of, or almost, finished

 I am finally finished with this portrait quilt I started forever ago.  And yet, I am not really finished.
I am very happy with the overall appearance, including changing the color of Al's coverall.

  I am very pleased with the shading I did with various crayons and markers, and the thread work.

I even found a fabulous border idea that worked out SO well!
(I hope you can see it- it was hard to photograph)

                                                                                                    But that bubbly, puckery part of the car that is unquilted has to go!  I am considering adding some lines I noticed in the original picture, sort of shadows, but not really.  It is a not turning back option, so it will either save it or ruin it.
(once again the vagaries of blogger's formatting are f***ing up the spacing on this post)

This is the label. I call it, Let me Help you, Daddy!

Here is the original photo, too.

The border quilting was inspired by this idea from the book below.

At ArtCGirlz last week, Elaine showed us how to make art on a dollar store plate using sharpie markers.    We each drew a design in the center of the plate and passed it to the next person to play with.  This is how mine looks after baking.  I added the scrolly vine on the bottom left- it just needed something there. 

Three of my kittens are having surgery today and will be up for adoption very soon.  This is "Frizzle" (I didn't name her).  Isn't she gorgeous?  I think that's why Siamese cats have attitude- they know how gorgeous they are.

This is "Frazzle".  (I changed her name from Kinky)  She is Frizzle's sister.  Her feet look huge, don't they?

Both of these girls are the softest kitties ever!

This little "angel" is named "Rosie.  I didn't name her, either.  I call her Rosalita or Cracklin' Rosie.  She is going to be a very sweet cat when she outgrows the "kitten crazy".  Right now she is like a two year old child- following behind me and messing what I just cleaned, and finding all sorts of fun things to play with. 

Last but not least- this is some wallpaper I noticed at a rest stop on the thruway.  It's textured.  Isn't it cool?  I see a quilt, or fabric rubbed over it, or a quilting design.....
Hey, it's a boring drive to Herkimer.  I have to entertain myself somehow! 

Speaking of driving- it's that time of year when I see people sitting in their cars- or worse, no one sitting in the car- with the motor running and the AC on.  I hate the heat as much as (or more than) the next person.  But the stores have AC.  If you aren't at a store you want to shop at, go inside just to get cooled off.  Don't waste the gas!  The prices go up because we show we are willing to pay- and because demand is high.  Just using one gallon less per week could make a huge difference if we all did it!!

I am grateful for:
My husband- again, or still...
Wine O'Clock
Sitting in the shade  just chatting with my BFF
Annabelle finally got adopted!!
Getting to see Wish I was Here in advance!!

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  1. Beautiful job on your portrait quilt! Cute kitties. Thank you for being their foster mom.