Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's all in the editing.

Kathy visited the blog last week and said she was admiring how beautiful my gardens are.  I told her it's all in how you photograph it.    Here's an example!  In this picture you see a picturesque (if overgrown) border garden.  I probably should have removed the milk jug before I took the picture.  That was for a new planting a couple of weeks ago- before we got all the rain we've had in the last few days!  

Anyway,on closer inspection of this spot, you will find plenty of unwanted visitors, including some pretty aggressive weeds, as shown here.  Hawkweed or, as I call it "velcro plant", can be worse than dandelions! (although they do at least pull up easier)

It's all in the editing, as Raymond so profoundly stated once upon a time...

A few shots that didn't need much editing.....

Al was working on the front porch and spotted (no pun intended) these two babies hanging out in the back yard- no more than 50 yards away!

I was deadheading nearby when this beauty fluttered along and was gracious enough to pose for a photo!

I love the way the water beads up on the Lady's Mantle.  (I have LOTS of this if anyone would like some)

This is the newest bed in the spot next to the garage which would have been more trouble than it was worth to mow.  I bought the day lily, and the flowers in the pot.  (My first time with gerbera daisies, and the deer immediately started eating the blossoms!)
The rest came from other spots in the gardens.  The Calendula and snapdragons were growing in the front walkway!  These are all self- seeding annuals, so I may have the same thing next year- or I may dig them all up and plant pansies!
The self-seeders become weeds in my gardens!

I'm hoping to plant some day lilies along that whole side of the garage (to the left of the door), but also have plants I need to thin, so who knows what it will look like.  I admire those people who carefully plan their gardens, since mine just happen based on what survives. 

I got a new camera for my birthday- having admired the pictures my friends with the DSLR's take.  Now I need to learn what all those settings do!  So off I go to the gardens...

Easier to get good shots of things in motion!

And there's a way to set it to take the same picture at different exposures- see how the one below is darker?

So there I was changing settings and taking pictures of the Russian Sage, when I heard a Hummingbird.  I stood very still hoping to see what it was feeding on.  I assumed it was the Hollyhocks on the other side of the fence.    But she came right over to these!  So trying not to move there I was changing settings again, hoping to figure out which would be best- and settling on the "auto" at last.

I only got one shot before she flew off, but it's pretty good!

Maybe once I learn how to use this camera, I won't have to do so much editing??  Just more weeding!

I saw in the news where Lake Mead is drying up?  It reminded me of prediction  in "An Inconvenient Truth"   of water becoming the most valuable commodity on Earth.  I noticed a quote in this article about using water more wisely.  For example- not wasting it watering lawns in the hot months of summer when all grasses turn brown naturally.  In the west, many places are turning to Xeriscaping.  My friend Judi is looking at houses and I noticed none of the ones she has shared with us have green lawns.  No watering, no mowing. (saving gas and pollution!)
I joke that our lawn is Earth-friendly because we have native plants (weeds) rather than high maintenance grass.  But the chicory, plantains and even the dreaded hawkweed are green when everyone else's lawns are brown!

I am grateful for:
A wonderful birthday celebration with my hubby!
Being part of "Wish I Was Here"- go see it if you can!!
A few more days of cuddling my sweet Hedwig!
Feeling useful.
Finishing a project at last. (can't show it yet, though)

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