Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A rose by any other name....

A couple of weeks ago I noticed there was a bud growing on my "starfish cactus".  I have had this plant for nearly 30 years.   It has blossomed only once before.  I remember the blossom being just beautiful, but smelling like a dumpster.  That didn't mean I wasn't going to enjoy watching it blossom again.   

So I kept track of the size of the bud, knowing it would get fat and huge before it finally opened up- kind of like being pregnant, right? 

And then finally I came home from work the other day and found the blossom!  The petals opened up and wrapped around the pot.  Fully extended it, would have been about 10 inches across.

I didn't notice a smell until I got real close to it.  The next day, however, it was so bad the screen porch was full of flies.  So I moved it outside. 

Here you can see how big the bloom was, just before it started to wither.  The white spot near the center?  I'm pretty sure some of the flies laid eggs on it.  Yeah, it really smells bad!

Do you return the plastics bags that accumulate in your house to the store?  Did you know you can recycle more than those awful bags you can't get a way from- no matter how hard you try!  I collect all of the plastic bag packaging around the house, even ziploc bags (after I reuse them several times).  I cut the zippers off the zipper bags first.  Here's a list of plastic you can recycle- and keep out of the landfill!  Just stuff them all into one of the grocery store bags and put them in the bin at the store!

I am grateful for:
How much better I feel after spending time with friends.
The big beautiful moonrise last night.
Al's help with that stupid garden edging
Winning the war on dull apparel!
Finding just the right fabric!

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