Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RAFA exhibit and shopping with my BFF

After the guild meeting on Saturday, Mary Lee and I headed up to Brockport for the afternoon.
 The first thing we did was stop at Perri's Pizza and get giant slices.  Neither of us finished.

Then we headed down the street to "A Different Path Gallery",  ( I just love a location where I can park my car once and just walk to all the places I need to go!), where the Rochester Area Fiber Artists were displaying their most recent exhibit, "Up Against the Wall".  It's a small gallery, but with a nice display space; and it has a very cool gift shop!
Here are a few of my favorie pieces:

I think this piece is called 11c, by Elizabeth Scott.  It's made with ice dyed fabric.  Looks like Irises** to me.

This felted piece is almost 3 D in person! 
It's called White-tailed Deer #7, by Demaris Verzulli

Forest Glen, by Sarah Terry.  It's a hand dyed piece of fabric, she did thread work on to make it a forest scene!

I love the way Ann Hawkins' "The Wall, Overgrown" uses both layered applique and reverse applique!!

There were two tesselation quilts.  I assume they were made in response to a challenge to interpret the work of another artist- in this case, M.C. Escher.

The top one is "Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going" by Sue Donovan

This is "First in Flight", by Diane Iati Miller.

Julia Deal's "Stained Glass" is so perfectly flat- and her quilting lines are so straight-  I both admire and despise her.  :-)

** Speaking of Irises, I admired a plant in the gallery and asked what it was.  Not only did she know, telling me it is an "Indoor Iris", she picked a few of the plantlets for me to bring home with me!  Never fear, if it ever blossoms, you'll be the first to hear about it!
(Later research has shown it is called a "walking iris".

Do you know the environmental position of the candidates you are thinking of supporting in the fall elections?  You should!

I am grateful for:
Mary had wet wipes.
Cool nights so I can sleep wrapped up in my quilty cocoon.
Macaroni and cheese
I finished my last entry for the quilt show.

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