Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For a good cause

 I spent last weekend finishing this quilt.  I admit, it is not the most beautiful quilt I have ever made.  I was playing with scrap therapy squares using the paper bag method- you just grab the next one and sew.  But there is enough color in it to make it kind of cheery, I hope.  It is going to be donated to a cancer treatment center in the Hershey PA area this week when I am on retreat with my online quilt group. 

Since the patchwork was nothing special, I decided to make the quilting interesting.  It shows better on the back, so you get to see the uglies I use for my backs as well as the thread snarls. 

The very center was based on a piece of fabric I have with a large paisley print.  I was wondering how it would look as a quilting motif.  It looks ok, but I need to work on making it more uniform.

For the rest, I chose a few designs from Leah Day , and from another free motion book I have.  I think I have shared it before, but I can't recall the name at the moment. (I'm not at home, but will update if I remember when I get there)
 I was not thrilled with the loopy one but there wasn't much I could do to improve it, except fill in a few spots with smaller loops. (Third pattern from the bottom)

I also finished this kitty knitted from a pattern called "the Parlor Cat" by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. A friend sent me the pattern and I thought it might make a nice gift for someone to win at the annual "Furball"; a fundraiser for the animal shelter.

Isn't she funny, with her big butt?

I know she's a little too precious.  I don't care.  I enjoyed making her.  I hope whoever wins her will enjoy her.

In one of those things that makes me think there is no hope for the planet, the FERC has approved the storage of methane gas in old salt mining caverns in the wine country of Seneca Lake, not that far from me.  The Finger Lakes are a precious resource that the Western New York area is lucky to have I hate to think of that beauty being lost forever.  Not only that, but fresh water is going to become a more valuable commodity as climate change causes more widespread droughts around the globe.  We should be taking all action possible to protect it, not taking risks with it!

I am grateful for:
Apple Crisp
Good football games
When Luke stops in for a visit
Living where I can enjoy how beautiful the sky is.
When the people at customer service actually help you!

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