Thursday, October 2, 2014

Autumn Color!

 One morning last weekend, I looked out the kitchen window and realized how beautiful it was.  The leaves have turned rather quickly.  Or maybe I just don't notice it much until it reaches a certain point.  Either way, I was inspired to record the beauty of the morning.

I was noticing this morning as I drove to work how much color there is now.  The maple trees that turn the vivid orange are my favorite.  I'll probably be stopping on my way home to grab a few pictures.  I may even have a quilt or two to make....

If you've been reading for a while, you may remember my love affair with the giant pokeweed plant outside my kitchen window.  It has to be 10 feet tall this year.  Even though the leaves are starting to get rusty and yellow, it is still beautiful.  The Mockingbirds come several times a day to fill up on the berries.  (which are poisonous to people!)
And there are still new blossoms just beginning to open- even though the first hard frost will come soon.

I made a few more "Chessie" dolls for the upcoming "Furball".  They will probably be door prizes.

The darker ones are a bit of a challenge for me.  I painted accents on to define the faces.  I am not a strong painter.   I wanted to do more, but decided not to chance ruining them.  I need to get Beth to teach me her techniques!

Have you noticed the little signs on the edge of fields of corn and soybeans?  Did you know those signs  are there to promote the GMO seeds used in those fields?  Those GMO plants are only creating the need for stronger and stronger pesticides and herbicides, as the "bugs" become resistant to traditional products.  Once again I am asking you to inform yourself and share your knowledge of how these companies, and practices are damaging our fragile planet!  If we make our voices heard by exposing the truth, we CAN change things for the better. 

I am grateful for:
Autumn's glory.
Cuddling my foster girlies.
A very nice lunch with Elaine.
It's almost COF retreat time!
Having time to finish The Book of Life (audiobook) while I drove to Herkimer Monday. 

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