Monday, October 27, 2014

Catching up part II: Quilt show

I started this post 6 days ago.....Just sayin'.

Mystic Thistle won the Paper Piecing award

 The Museum Quilt Guild biennial show was October 17 and 18.  Two of my pieces were awarded by the judges. I wouldn't have thought these would get that kind of attention.  You never know, right?  Judging is such an odd thing.  What one deems best in show doesn't get a second look from another.

Meditation # 27 won machine quilting for a small quilt


Quilt show week is always a busy time, as I try to be as helpful as possible.  This year, I wasn't as involved as I usually am, but was still there for most of three days in a row.  It's just a nice, sort of communal experience for the members of the guild.

Here are a few of my favorites from the show.....

Row Robin: Black and White and Bright, by Connie Grimsley

Miss Daisy, by Nancy Bush

Orbiting the night sky, by Ann Renica

At the Pyramids, by Jennifer Grimsley

SN 1987A, by Bethany Anderson

Sunny Day, by Kay Lennon

Shadows in the Logs, by Eileen Partise
I found this article interesting- on using algae to produce energy!  The fact that there are people trying to create alternatives gives me hope!  Ooops! I forgot the link to the article!  Thanks to Liz for mentioning it.

I am grateful for:
My busy month is over.
A whole day of football!
Quality sewing time.
The people who showed true concern.
I won something!


  1. Congratulations!!!! George would be proud.

  2. Congrats on your wins! All of the quilts are gorgeous, but I must say that I especially love your two quilts, the "SN 1987A" quilt and the "At the Pyramids" quilt! Glad you had fun! Oh, wait... where is the link to the article on producing energy from algae? I've read about that before, and it is quite an interesting process! Would love to read the article you read, too! :)