Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playing with the camera again

The ArtCGirlz decided a while back we would all like to learn more about using our cameras to get better pictures we can use in our art.  So MaryLee Suggested this book.  I was a bit disappointed to find it is not a photography book, telling what the settings on my camera to use in which situations, but a guide for using photography creatively.  I can use help in that area as well, so I started reading and went on to lesson one, called 30 in 30.   
The idea is to take one picture every minute, using your cell phone, for 30 minutes.  So I took my phone on my walk around the campus.  The lesson ends by suggesting you create a collage of your photos.  So this is my 30 in 30 collage.  I didn't use all 30 photos, obviously.

At our meeting last week, Lori was explaining a bit about the settings on our cameras, since she is sort of our resident camera guru.   She sent us out to take a few pictures, using a specific mode on the camera and only changing one other setting to see what worked best for us.  It turns out my photos were not of things that show off this setting.  But I took a few I liked.  We meet at the college, so they are similar to my 30 in 30.

I spent some time admiring the students' work in the Lobby Gallery of the arts building. 
"Radiance" by Victoria Snyder

"Into the Books" by Nicole Crossett

The next day, at home, I took some pictures using the same settings.
I can see the difference now! 
 (The plant is the focal point.  See how the chair is blurrier in the first picture?)

So, YAY!!,I have learned something new!  Thanks, Lori!

 I read today that Cornell University has recently completed a Solar Array they hope will provide up to 1% of the power for the college. While that doesn't sound like much, it is the equivalent of 320 homes!  News like this gives me hope. 
If you want to know more about climate policy, climate news- good or bad- check out ecowatch.com

I am grateful for:
Every time someone lets me know they read my blog.  (thanks!)
Making it home safely in the worst snowstorm I have had to drive in for a very long time!
Friends who try to understand and are willing to put up with me.
Molly might finally be ready to go to her forever home!
Chocolate chip cookies.


  1. I could also learn a lot from a photography class. The campus looks beautiful! So glad you made it home safe and sound in the storm. So scary!! Stay warm.

  2. Glad to read about your photo adventures. I have to order the book and begin learning about my cameras! I like your blog post.Here is to a good week!