Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wait- what season is it?

 We had one of those nice warm autumn days last week, where I finally got outside to finish up in the gardens.  Now, don't for an instant believe my gardens are well tended at this point in the year. I pretty much give up on them most years around the middle of September.  (In hot summers it's mid-August!)  But I still go out and mulch the perennials, plant a mum or two, maybe transplant something, and clean up the decorations. 
Much to my surprise, some of the perennials have decided it's not too late to put on a show!
My Hellebore is either very early or very late.  (It blossomed in the spring, too)

I don't think this Foxglove will have time to blossom fully before we have a freeze.  I only hope it will be back in the spring!

Perennial aster/ bachelor buttons.  As long as you keep cutting them back, they will keep blossoming!
(see the Zebrinas peeking out from under the deck?)

Too bad the hummingbirds and butterflies are gone for the year.  The bumblebees are happy, though.

By the way, only days after I took these pictures, we had a bit of snow on the ground.

 Now that my busy busy month is over, I can start sewing again- and not because I have to (although I do have some deadlines coming....of course.)

A friend asked me to make hobo bags for her daughters. One wanted lime green and pink (MY kinda kid!) the other wanted "rasta" colors.  This was what I found on my trip to Denver, PA. 
It's made with this pattern, from Quilt woman.com

Look on the design wall in the background above the striped bag.  Those are blocks made using a Paula Nadelstern pattern and the leftovers from the lime green bag.  I can't wait!!!!

I am also working a bit on my entry for the guild's annual challenge , a new bed skirt for the guest room, and a gift or two.  I could get so much more done if my husband didn't expect to be fed every day!

Yesterday I walked into the nursery and found this.....
Fortunately I had the camera right near the door, so I could grab a picture before they got up.  I have only had these guys a few days.  Aren't they sweet?  I named them Matt and Ben.

Renewable energy sources are gaining!  We have to keep making our voices heard until the fossil fuel companies have no choice but to get out of the way or join us!

I am grateful for:
Catching my breath.
Time to go on a "date" with my hubby.
"The Judge"- how can you not love a movie starring Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr.!?
I helped send 4 kitties to their "furever" homes last Saturday.
I recently had a nice "gramma day" with Kiara.

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  1. :-) Cute kitties. . . . The extent of my gardening was bringing my flower pots home from the cemetery, where they did not do so well this year. Now that they are here in my studio, they are blossoming like crazy. Guess they were lonesome. The Judge is on our list of movies to see, too!