Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A quickie

Last weekend, I rediscovered the sharpie plate decorating stuff I bought last summer after we did it at an ArtCGirlz meeting.  So I decided to play for a bit.   I have been doing a daily zentangle just for the meditative quality of it, and some days it is the only creative thing I get to do.  So I decided this would be my daily "doodle".  (Don't ever call zentangle doodling if you are with someone who has been to a "CZT" workshop!)

Anyway, this is the plate I ended up with from it.  It's just a sandwich plate- but may find its way to the holiday table with some fudge for my family. 

I am in panic mode otherwise- having under a week to make 2 more gifts- one of which isn't even started!  So no time for a long post.  Soon maybe....

I am grateful for:
Things that are quick and easy.
Potato soup.
The "kids" stayed for dinner.
Matt and Ben have both been adopted.
An excuse to eat cookies for another week or so.

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