Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Look Back at the "old" Year

As we tend to do at this time of year, I have spent some time looking back at 2014 in the past couple of days.  One way I measure my year is the number of projects I have completed.  (I ma obviously a product person- needing some tangible- quantifiable?- result for my time)
This year I had felt as if I accomplished nothing.    However, when I added it all up, it looked like this:
functional quilt (lap or bed): 4
wall/ art quilts: 6
Quilt tops: 4
garments: 10
toys/ decorations: 10
accessories/ bags/ home decor: 15
kitty blankets:14
toys/ decorations:3
garments/accessories: 7 (including only ONE pair of socks!)
Oh- and one reupholstered chair

I think this is my favorite piece from this year, mostly because I really liked the quilting.

I also really enjoyed the "Creative Girls"- and hope to make more of them.

 (dear blogger, please add the option to "layer" pictures!)

This year, I hope to make more- as always.  I do know that I will be making some  quilts for a very special baby boy!

One thing I am proud of, even though I personally have nothing to show for it, is that I fostered 27 kittens in 2014.  I loved every one of them and keep a bit of them with me long after they go to their "furever" home.

I wish you all a very happy and hopeful 2015. 

I am grateful for:
The friends who accept me as I am.
The luxury of working part time.
Kittens to cuddle when I am feeling "dark brown".
Family, near and far- biological and those life gives us.
Music and laughter, which sustain me.


  1. You have been so productive. Wow. I'm impressed.
    I also give you a lot of credit fostering the kittens.....27. That alone is commendable.

  2. You have been busier than I imagined! I knew you did a lot, but didn't know it was this much. Nice!