Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is it the first project or the last?

 Last summer I decided to make a portrait quilt for Cait, using this picture of her and Kiara, which she uses for her Facebook cover.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Just look at those eyes!
It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.  But there were quilts I needed to finish for the quilt show, and that renaissance costume, and- well, you know.  So I never started it until Thanksgiving.  It wasn't finished in time for Christmas, but I did get to give it to her at our sort of second Christmas last weekend while Guy was home.

I realized I should have been collecting flesh tone fabric as I traveled about in the Lancaster area in October, since I had almost nothing!  Mary helped me add to my stash and I got started.  Once you have all the pieces fused and cut out, it's time to put the puzzle together.  Along the way, I found I had done this on my ironing board.
It doesn't look at all like Cait!

  I had a difficult time with Cait's face, and am still not 100% pleased with it.  I just couldn't get the area around her nose to look right at all.  The first piece I tried was way too dark

 A different spot in the same fabric was better.

Here they are together before I fused them. 

Once I fused them, I had to find a background.  I work from the top down rather than the bottom up.  I decided Cait would be wearing a t shirt so I didn't have to figure out yet another flesh tone for her arm.

 I've had this hand marble for several years waiting for a "special project". 

 I used watercolor crayons, colored pencils and wax pastels to enhance the fabrics, add shading or alter the colors a bit for the finished portrait. 

I didn't count this in my tally for 2014, even though most of the work was done in December.

Some news:

My "Zendala Mandala" has been juried into the AQS show in Lancaster, PA- in March.  I haven't stopped smiling since I got the notification.

And the news I have long wished for- I am going to be a grandmother in May!!!  (I did mention baby quilts last post, so you probably guessed)

If you care about environmental issues, you should be very scared for the next couple of years- while the republicans are in charge of both sides of the legislative branch.  I know I am!

I am grateful for:
Having Guy home for a nice visit!!!
The cookies are all gone!
Good laughs with great friends.
Only two more tests to retype.
Free wifi

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  1. your Cait quilt is awesome! I cannot nail this technique so i respect those that do.
    I am worried as well Martha. GOP. Not good.
    I know of what you speak.....sharing those laughs!