Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Being 6 again for a little while

Kiara came and spent a while with me on Saturday.  Now that I am not trying to do everything and keep the kids busy, I can enjoy getting down on the floor (down is easy, up is the hard part) and playing with her!  This is the great joy of being a grand parent, I guess.
It seems her current favorite activity is building forts.  So we pulled every chair and spare blanket into the bedroom and built one!

It was pretty roomy in there, so we spent a great deal of time inside.

We took in plenty of toys and supplies.  We played "go fish", and had some girl talk and used our imaginations to tell some really fun stories.  I felt like I had time traveled and become a six year old myself for a while.  It was so much fun, I completely lost track of time.

While we were playing Barbies, Kiara noticed that her dolls didn't have a blanket.  So off to the stash we went!  I never miss an opportunity to sit her at the machine.  

And now her dolls have a proper "blanket"!

Tomorrow I am heading off to the AQS show in Lancaster where  my quilt was chosen a "semi finalist".  I know I will never win a prize at a show like this, but it is just thrilling to see my work hanging alongside those who do!!

I am grateful for:
A little girl to play with
Watching Outlander at last, on DVD!
Macaroni and cheese
Time spent with friends


  1. Have fun at the Lancaster show! I knew you were in the show, but I don't remember hearing you were a semi-finalist! How exciting! On another note, I recall making many a fort when I was young. I love the rabbit that seems to be acting as a guard on the chair outside the fort!

  2. :-) It is fun being a kid at any age!