Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My quilt, my friends and I went to the Quilt Week Lancaster!

I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as one of the 200 quilts  on display at the AQS "quilt week" event in Lancaster, PA last week.  I know my quilts will not win any awards at these shows, so to me the award is being chosen!                               I don't know why they only show 200 quilts, in all honesty. There could easily have been another 50 0r 100 quilts on display and still plenty of room for the vendors.  But I am apparently one of the rare people who goes to quilt shows for the quilts.              

My bestest in the world friend Mary Lee came along, and we met up with Carol,  one of my online quilting friends, when we got there. 

The variety of quilts was nice, and of course we had our favorites.
This one, Fern Rising by Claudia Pfeil, just amazed us!  It is nearly impossible to get a picture that does it justice.  It has over 27,000 crystals on it.  When you stand in front of it, it just sparkles!

Another of my favorites was this one, called Diamonds by the Yards, by Helen Doyle.

The hand work is amazing- no matter which technique she used in any block.

I think this one would have been my pick for best in show, Tinks Choice by Laura Trenbeath

The piecing and machine quilting are exemplary, but she also painted on it (in the border) and added what must be thousands of crystals and  gold colored studs!!  It has everything.

 Robbie Joy Eklow's work always makes me smile

 I loved the colors in this piece by Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin

 This one was kind of hidden in a dark alley, but I still loved it!  Called Butterfly by Nancy Tejo

 This is called "Doodle Bird" by Joanie Zeier Poole and Pam Levenhagen. The center panel is hand painted, if I understood the description.  I don't know if the black ink was added before or after the quilting, but it was meticulously done.  Just stunning!

 This piece grew on me the more I looked at it- Hope Springs, by Jan Martin

 The bubbles make this one- Chasing Bubbles, by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama. The quilting in the little girl's dress is pretty amazing as well.

And the quilting in this one just amazed me.  October Sky by Bethanne Nemesh.  There is so much detail in it- and  the shimmer of silk besides.  Just stunning!

At the city Limits, we enjoyed this sculpture.  I want one!!!

I didn't get a picture with kathi and Tracy.  We joined up with them for dinner Friday evening at Annie Bailey- a great Irish Pub.  Fish and chips=Delish!!!
Earth Day is coming.  At GCC they hold a waste collection event- where you can safely dispose of old electronics, among other hard to dispose of items. Saturday, April 11. Check the GCC website for details as it gets closer. 

I am grateful for:
Being part of the show
good friends to share the event with
The snow is melting rather quickly
I saw robins, a killdeer and red-winged blackbirds
almost time to set up the nursery for tiny kittens

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  1. So happy for you that your quilt was chosen and that you had a great time at the show!