Friday, April 17, 2015

Finally- Spring!

Spring has finally arrived for real here in Western NY.  We have had a rather glorious run of weather since Easter. (when it snowed, by the way)               
I am very happy to see my crocuses create their carpet of color right outside the door.  I also love how happy the honeybees are!

The mini irises also put on a nice early season show of color!

Of course, the spring also bring with it a long cleaning list.  But at least I get to do THIS kind of housework outside where I can listen to the birds and frog singing, watch the birds squabble over nesting sites and soak up the sun's bright energy after a long grey winter. 

Inside, I am still plugging away on baby stuff.  It is almost down to "any minute" and I couldn't be more excited. 

I just love these tiny socks I knitted for him. 

And, even though the diapers have given me many frustrating moments- and may result in me buying a new serger- I can't wait to see them wrapped around a tiny little behind.  Aren't they adorable?

I spent a few minutes playing with the lino block stamps we cut in ArtCGirlz, using the versatex inks I just got.  Someday when I can play with fabric again, I'll find a good home for these.

Now for the editorials--

1- I placed an order with CT Publishing when Kathi alerted us all to a great sale.  Yup, great prices.  However, their service blows!  I got a confirmation of the order, then a notice that it had shipped, but when I clicked to get tracking information, the website said my order was "awaiting fulfillment". So I sent in a message asking for confirmation and tracking information.  I finally got a response 5 days AFTER my order arrived; having been delivered to me by a neighbor since the mail service is the absolute worst lately!

2- I switched to the digital edition of the American Quilter magazine when I renewed my membership this year.  I don't have to recycle paper waste I don't create, plus I can store infinite issues digitally (in theory).  However, they don't let me know when the new issue is available- usually 2 weeks after it hits newsstands.  And this month the pictures are so blurry I might as well not even bother looking at them!  In a magazine touting pictures of winners in one of their shows. 

3- speaking of the postal service, if you have been having as much trouble as those of us in the Rochester- Buffalo area have, please contact your representatives to demand better service!  At the very least use the contact us link at the post office website EVERY time you have an issue.  I filled out this form for mail left unsecured on my porch and the postmaster called me back the next day!

Remember, the number one threat to our society is complacency!!

I am grateful for:
Friends I can laugh with until my sides hurt.
Daffodils on my desk
someone to commiserate with
really awful old horror movies,like this one, on dvd .

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